New Republican Congressman from Florida A shocking joke was tweeted about the brutal 2022 home invasion beating by an 82 year-old Paul PelosiNancy’s former House Speaker, was married to. Pelosi (D-Calif.).

“Finally,” slammed new Rep. Cory Mills (R-Fla.), “one less gavel in the Pelosi house for Paul to fight with in his underwear.”

The tweet seemed to be a sham. Mills’ version of a celebration of the ascendency to House speaker of Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.).

Mills The brutal attack was made even more fun by him. Paul PelosiA violent Republican sympathizer beat a man with a hammer last October to the death of a woman who wanted to compile a list for Democratic targets.

David DePape, suspect in the attack on elders and attempted murder, pleaded not guilty to six charges.

According to officials, DePape was planning on kidnapping Nancy Pelosi — who was in Washington at the time of the attack — when he broke into the couple’s San Francisco home. Two police officers witnessed the attack and reported that law enforcement officials said the defendant, 42 years old, beat her husband severely with a hammer. America was stunned by this attack.

Pelosi After being knocked unconscious, he woke up in his own blood. His skull was broken and he sustained serious injuries to his hands and arm.

GOP Conspiracists tried to spin violence in an attempt to make it seem like a homosexual tryst.

The message is by MillsRep. Eric Swalwell, a Democratic-Calif., retweeted the message, which is an Army combat vet. He said that he wanted to share it with everyone. “see the indecency that makes up the House GOP.”

“He owes Speaker Pelosi an apology,” Swalwell was added.

Mills Swalwell’s flippant response: “You owe America an apology.”

Mills We were unable to reach you immediately for comment.

Mills Criticisms blasted him severely. Twitter users’ responses to Mills The majority of the comments were negative.

Mills Although the tweet was later removed, it was retweeted numerous times by angry followers.