One (*26*) University Student was shot to death on Saturday night and 26 Others were hurt by the shuttle bus. in Caught in a tree in According to authorities Waltham, Massachusetts, is just west of Boston.

Officials did not immediately release the conditions of those hurt but said that the students’ injuries were of “varying degrees.” The bus driver was also seriously injured.

The bus was carrying students from Northeastern to a hockey match. UniversityMarian T. Ryan, Middlesex district lawyer said in a statement. Northeastern is about 13 miles from (*26*).

There have been no charges. and Her office is investigating the circumstances of the accident, which occurred at 10:45 p.m. and The Waltham Police Department.

Waltham police identified Vanessa Mark, 25, as the student who died. Julie Jette was a university spokeswoman on Sunday.

“Given the tragedy that our community is experiencing, Brandeis has canceled classes scheduled for Monday and Tuesday,” According to the university in Make a statement. “This will enable some students to return to family and friends sooner than the normal holiday schedule would have allowed. For students who will remain on campus, we will have additional opportunities to gather and receive support.”

According to the university, the bus was owned by Joseph’s Transportation, based in Medford, Mass. Federal records indicate The company currently has 30 vehicles in its fleet.

The company did no immediate return the call. and Sunday email messages