Others drew parallels with Gabrielle Petito who vanished while on cross-country travel. in In the late 2021. Her remains were eventually discovered. in A national park in Wyoming is the main suspect Brian Laundrie, her fiancé, took his own life while he was a fugitive in Florida.

The Boston Globe is the publication that has covered the Walshe case extensively, the columnist Joan Vennochi That it “illustrates yet again — if you are young, white, and pretty, and live in a place where horrific crime is not supposed to take place, you are very newsworthy.”

“Yet would we be just as fascinated if this couple were Black and lived in Roxbury?” Ms. Vennochi said that the neighborhood in Boston had a significant Black population.

Cohasset, a small town with 8,400 residents, is 94% white. The median household income and home value are both high in Cohasset. in Six figures, low crime and few murders in This decade has been a great one.

Mr. WalsheProsecutors stated that he was currently under house arrest while awaiting his sentencing in The Warhol Fraud Case when Warhol killed his wife. Federal prosecutors stated that Mr. Walshe took two of Warhol’s authentic “Shadows” Paintings were gifted by a friend. Two forgeries were then sold to a California artist dealer for $80,000.

Mr. Walshe Pledged guilty in April 2021 to 1 count for wire fraud, interstate transport for a scheme of defrauding, possession of transformed goods, and unlawful monetary transactions

He should be serving 30 months according to the recommendation of his lawyers last year. in He was sentenced to prison for claiming he had “orchestrated a long, complicated fraud over many years,” he had deceived his victims “his likability, communication, his reassurance.”