Brittney GrinerA one-year contract was signed by a basketball superstar who had been held in Russia for 10 month. to continue her playing career with the W.N.B.A.’s Phoenix Mercury, according to A person who is familiar with the agreement and spoke under the anonymity condition.

Griner The incident that led to the United States-Russia geopolitical war was the centre of much of 2022.

In August, a Russian court sentenced her for drug smuggling. Griner Was sentenced to Nine years imprisonment in a penal colony. The State Department declared Griner Incorrectly detained, she sought to be released by a prisoner exchange.

In December, a swap was done with Griner being returned to The United States sent Viktor Bout back to the United States, an arms dealer who was convicted almost ten years earlier. to Russia.

An Instagram post After her release, Griner Promised to work to Free other Americans wrongfully detained who claimed she plans to release her to Participate in the W.N.B.A. again.

Griner The W.N.B.A. was her last appearance. She produced the 2021 campaign that was one of her best, scoring 20.5 points per game, rebounding 9.5 times and blocking 1.9 blocks. Phoenix begins its season on May 19 against the Los Angeles Sparks.

Tania Ganguli Participatory reporting