BTS hosted their eagerly awaited “Yet to Come” Concert in Busan October 15, 2022 to Promote the bid of South Korean cities to The 2030 World Expo was hosted by the Boys, and they did not disappoint. A total of 50,000 Armed Forces attended the concert. in Hybe’s Weverse and Naver Now apps, Zepeto, offer free streaming of the concert to millions of viewers. Fans were forced to turn off their official streaming services at times during the performance. to You can bounce back and forth between them. BTS had such an effect. in In fact, their concert will screen in Theatres available starting February 1, to Feb. 5.

Fanfare is when fans come together to Theatres in the U.S. to They’ll be able to relive the concert. to The boys will perform 18 songs that cover their entire careers. “Ma City” “Spring Day” to “Butter” “Yet to Come.” You’ll be able to to Take a look at the end speeches by the boys during which the stadium sang “Happy Birthday” to Jimin in His 27th birthday was celebrated (which took place a few days earlier than the concert on October 13). The best part is that fans can attend the concert. to Jin in Action, also known as “Yet to Come” Before he was enlisted, concert was his final performance with the group. in On Dec. 13, the Korean military took part in an exercise.

The boys continue to work solo (Jimin is their latest member). to Start rolling out his solo projects, beginning with the collab single with Big Bang’s Taeyang. “Vibe”() The members reiterated that they believed the “Yet to Come” Their last concert will not be the last. There is more OT7 music available and even more performances. to come!

Continue reading for the complete setlist and information about the boy’s iconic performances. “Yet to Come” Concert in Busan Before you turn your head to A theater close to you to It’s all back!