BUFFALO — With Thanksgiving still days away, an unpredictable, late-fall snowstorm blew through Western New York Friday brought whipping wind and snow storms, as thousands of residents settled down.

Wet, heavy snow fell on a number of communities near Lake Ontario and Lake Erie. It began Thursday night, and continued through Friday. Orchard Park had received more than 66 inches by Friday night. Even the hardest snow plows could not handle snowfall rates as high as two to three inches per hour.

On Friday afternoon, all roads and highways in the region were closed. This included commercial traffic in certain areas. New York State Thruway, the state’s east-west corridor. The bushel cancelled school days and other civic functions. Mark Poloncarz from Erie County, who said that at least two deaths were related to cardiac arrest, warned Friday night that there would be more snow. in The works are scheduled for Saturday.

Buffalo, New York’s second-largest city, was spared the early brunt of the snow but was later boggled by swift changes in The storm.

Early respite in When a sudden band of snowfall in the mid-morning led to downtown whiteout conditions, it quickly ended the day for the city. Cars crawled along city streets, braking — and sometimes brake-locking — at intersections, as plows tried to keep up with the snowfall.

The Skyway, a north-south bypass, was closed. Lights were turned off inside the City Hall building as well as local courts.

As a sign that the storm was speedy, some squalls were swiftly replaced by calmer weather, with sun shining through cloudy skies. Minutes later clouds would return, confusing anyone looking to make travel plans.

Snowfall records were at risk as snow fell in a mass: the highest amount of snow ever recorded in one single day in Erie County had 47.5 inches in Similar precocious storms are possible in November of 2014, an early blast that local officials were suggesting was a slightly — for now — worse version of this storm.

An earlier fear of an a “historic” storm led football officials to shift Sunday’s Bills game to Detroit, at the other end of Lake Erie, where the prospect of subfreezing temperatures was considered better than clearing snow off thousands of seats.

Local television had a tradition of showing enthusiastically snow-covered correspondents. monster drifts on the streets south of BuffaloIt was the hardest hit by the precipitation.

At a Friday midday news conference, city officials expressed their sternness at the media. in Residents were warned by the officials that abandoned cars were littering certain roads.

“We want no driving whatsoever,” Mayor Byron Brown stated that dozens upon dozens of plows were working to clear the streets. in south BuffaloWhere there was a driving ban in place.

Continued to hang foreboding clouds in Friday’s sky was clear and gray, with more snow falling on Friday. The same storm system was also bringing snow on Lake Ontario’s eastern coast, north of Syracuse, where places like Tug Hill, long a standout in Significant accumulation was predicted by snowfall.

Buffalonians are not known for taking pride in big snows. in their ability to weather — yes, weather — even the worst of storms, some were already telling tales of storm mayhem.

Forest Richardson (29), a security guard who resides in Toronto. in Downtown Buffalo, was on his way to work to the city’s southside when his four-by-four vehicle “did a 360” And became stuck in He was able to get out of a snowbank. He was able to get his work done in 20 minutes. He claimed he would go home and turn around.

“I have this big old truck,” He said. “That’s when you know that it’s bad.”

David Notaro (62), a maintenance man was plowing the sidewalk in He is seen here at the downtown cafe where his work was done and counting his blessings.

“Thank God we didn’t get what they said we were going to get,” He was referring back to an earlier forecast of downtown Buffalo The snowfall would be the most severe.

Instead, the storm shifted south BuffaloThere were strong winds that made visibility difficult in this area.

Kathleen Sieg, 32, was shoveling sidewalks. in With her son, she was standing in front her house. She was forced to cancel school and her job at the packaging plant had been cancelled for the day. “I don’t know why people decided to drive in this,” Ms. Sieg said.

The Buffalo This is what’s known as lake-effect or snow. It occurs when colder air blows above warm lake water. The water absorbs the moisture in the air and forms clouds. in A thunderstorm that releases extreme snow on large areas of land.

These events are when the highest snowfall occurs in Very narrow bands are similar to how water from a firehose is focused on a single area. If the wind shifts the band slightly, the worst snowfall may fall on one side or the other.

“Areas to the north of the City of Buffalo and the airport will likely receive little to no additional accumulation through the day,” Forecasters from the National Weather Service in Buffalo This was said Friday morning. “The heaviest snow will be along a line from Lackawanna and Hamburg inland toward West Seneca and Cheektowaga and Lancaster.”

The worst may not have struck the heart of BuffaloHowever, the south side could still be seeing the “paralyzing snowfall” Forecasts by meteorologists from the National Weather Service.

Friday night’s snowfall will continue to move northward through the night. Buffalo And towards Niagara County.

Saturday “the day will start off with an intense, singular band of heavy lake effect snow across the city of Buffalo, the northtowns and Batavia,” The weather forecasters from the Weather Office said so.

A minimum of one recent transplant Buffalo?, newly vibrant outpost Once known for her Erie Canal experience and the loss of Super Bowls, she was shaking her head at Friday’s sheer size of the snow.

Darlene Brooks (23), who moved from Rochester last month was supposed to celebrate her birthday Friday. Instead, she was digging.

“Buffalo,” She said: “is coldblooded for doing this on my birthday.”

Jesse McKinley Michael D. Regan Source: Buffalo.