The burglar was fully dressed and enjoying a bath in the bathtub. Seattle He bought a house into Cops report Friday night

After finding a broken window in her home, the female homeowner discovered that the prowler was inside.

The weather was perfect for her. and The cops were called and searched the area. home and Unidentified male suspect found lying in a bath of water.

The burglar broke into the house. home Cops stated that they broke a window.
Seattle Police Department

Seattle police
Cops said the burglar didn’t explain why he took the bath.
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“The man was clothed but very wet, and the bathtub was full of water,” According to police, the incident was reported in a statement.

A 27-year old intruder was charged with Residential burglary and According to police, he was not forthcoming with the truth about his infidelity. and The bizarre was the result bath.

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