The flooding and mud and Many of the 70,000+ burners haven’t been affected by the confinement. The 70,000+ burners have continued to dance and do yoga while listening to the bass-heavy music that is always playing in the desert. and visiting one another’s camps to drink and Socialize and Discuss the topic of popular interest, how to make Burning Man better.

Eric Lewis is a well-known musician who performs in the Playa Piano Bar every Saturday. as ELEW sang a three-hour jazz marathon. and Under an open-sided tent, you can rock. Water lay in puddles outside. Two dozen G-stringed burners surrounded him inside. and Jedi garb. Their feet were either bare or covered in plastic bags instead of wearing platform shoes and boots.

Angie Peacock said, in a phone conversation, that although there was anxiety among people, she attended the event. and The spirit of the festival still shone through on Saturday night, despite the temporary halt in some parties due to the rain. One camper had earlier said that there was enough food. and Lasting provisions at Minimum 10 days.

“We’re not going to let anyone starve, you know?” Ms. Peacock stated. “This is not ‘Hunger Games.’”

The neon lights of the city were still visible on Saturday evening. and The raves were still going on as usual.

“It’s lit up,” Ms. Peacock spoke, as she looked out. “It’s beautiful.”

Justin Schuman who traveled from Harlem in order to attend the event said on Sunday, that he anticipated being uncomfortable. at This deluge is not only a site, but it’s also a real thing “throws you through a loop.” He described the scene on Saturday as “horrifically muddy.”