The original sci-fi movies about artificial intelligence were filled with it. But now it’s fast becoming part of our everyday reality, and it’s being tasked with everything from writing computer code to poetry.

BuzzFeed It was one of the first media houses to publicly announce that A.I. will be integrated into its business model. On Tuesday, it announced that A.I. will be integrated into its business model. new A.I. powered content generation system that makes use of quizzes To create custom content which can include everything, from broken text to a script for a movie.

This product is known as “Infinity quizzes,” The idea is that humans can mix different user responses with A.I. It could produce a large range of outcomes. new In a matter minutes, you can be content You can use it in just minutes. new A.I. technology, there are six quiz categories that the company offers. Each user can customize them with the aid of BuzzFeed’s A.I. technology. 

This is how it works. BuzzFeed Writer will ask pre-set questions users In order to reflect their preferences and interests, they will need to respond. A.I. They will then combine their responses to make a whole new End-product determined by the type of quiz. A one of quizzes for Which A.I. This A.I. users Create their own romantic comedy movie. You can also take another quiz. users To create a “cult” for A group of friends is only available for premium BuzzFeed+ users.

On Tuesday, the company wrote in a note that it would adopt this approach. “build content that is ‘A.I.-native’ or could not exist without artificial intelligence.” However, it stressed its commitment to working with humans creators during the first stage of the process.

“We see A.I. as an exciting new creativity tool, one that opens up new avenues for imagination, storytelling and engagement — in addition to new premium product offerings that allow us to innovate and collaborate with our clients and partners on a new frontier in media,” Jessica Probus is Senior Vice President at BuzzFeed In a Tuesday statement Editorial.

The company’s A.I. quizzes will use ChatGPT-maker OpenAI’s Application Programming Interface (API) which synthesizes information text, code and information from the internet to generate content.

As generative A.I. Technology is still very young. BuzzFeed Submitted The Sunday Review To ensure this, it is equipped with guardrails. users All errors and inappropriate content can be flagged by the company. They decide what content they allow. “safe” Or “unsafe” in addition to OpenAI’s existing moderations on its A.I. tools. BuzzFeed It will allow its audience to provide feedback so that it can improve. quizzes.

New York-based media company Media Group first announced plans in January to expand its A.I.-linked content offering. BuzzFeed’s CEO Jonah Peretti told employees at the time that the company’s “creative process will increasingly become A.I.-assisted and technology-enabled.” He also referred to the larger shift towards A.I. In the next decade, there will be many more.

BuzzFeed’s stocks soared as much as 150% after the announcement was made.

A.I. Boom—with Stumbles

BuzzFeed’s announcement comes as OpenAI’s ChatGPT takes the world by storm. This tool is the first of its kind. for It is open to the public and has been used by many people.

Although the A.I. The chatbot is generally proving its ability to communicate with humans. for It can be used for different purposes, but there are concerns over misuse and wider implications on the labour market. Technology leaders also pointed out that it may not be perfect and that there could be factual mistakes. users You may not realize. CNET utilized A.I. even in newsroom settings. for It took months for its errors to be exposed in an investigation by Futurism.

Google also revealed its A.I. The video showcased the A.I., Bard in its own promo video. providing inaccurate information. Google shares plunged immediately, and the company suffered a loss of $100 billion in market capital. 

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