Charli Burnett Just went off on her Vanderpump Rules Her former friend is one of her co-stars Scheana Shay.

This is the preview of the next season, which will air on Bravo sometime in the first half of next year. Charli took to her TikTok Account, where she vented against her castmates. Scheana as A “f-cking loser.”

“Charli was live on TikTok and shared some tea for next season of VPR,” A Pump Rules Instagram announced the fan page on November 15th, with a video and a photo of Charli’s shocking statements.

The clip shows: Charli Some of her online followers were given some “tea for next season.”

“I don’t f-cking like anybody. That’s the tea. And Scheana’s a f-cking loser. That’s a f-cking tea,” she declared.

Vanderpump Rules Charli Burnett Slams Vanderpump Rules Cast and Scheana on TikTok

As Pump Rules fans may recall, Charli And Scheana A falling out occurred in season nine. Scheana He was charged by Charli Failure to be there for her as A friend who helped Summer through a life-threatening situation.

“I really saw who was there for me, who supported me, and who just no longer understands me,” Scheana She shared with Us Weekly what she learned during filming. “It was really frustrating watching back me cowering to her and apologizing that I haven’t been a good friend when I’m like, ‘Are you kidding me? I literally got HELP Syndrome and could have died giving birth, and you’re saying that I haven’t been present?’”

“Even watching the reunion back, and she’s clapping at me and yelling at me, and I’m like, ‘Sit down. I can’t,’” Scheana added.

Months later, after Charli He was accused of being an agressive. Scheana “[wannabe],” Charli She responded by suggesting that her co-star is “sad.”

“What’s there to wish to be babe? Sad?” Charli replied.

It is also possible to: Charli The group seemed to be in a good position with Lala KentAccording to Us Weekly, he said that they had been together for a while. “texting a lot recently.”

“She’s got a roster — her words, not mine — a roster of fine men that she wants to introduce me to. So I will be taking her up on that,” Lala said.

Vanderpump Rules Season 10 began filming in July, and was completed in September.