Fear is greater in Europe than elsewhere. One executive from a top continental club stated that Chelsea has been able to overcome their fears. “destroyed the market,” a sentiment supported by Javier Tebas, the president of La Liga, Spain’s top division. “The British market is doped,” He stated. “It is a competition that loses billions of pounds in the last few years, financed with contributions from patrons, in this case American investors who finance at a loss.”

Although all the executives understood what the objective of Chelsea’s Many were baffled by the idea that the club bravely exploited inefficiency to extend their long contracts. in Market or mortgage its future. The immediate impact of a contract lengthening might be less. Chelsea’s accounts — and therefore help the club meet European soccer’s largely theoretical cost control mechanisms — but it does not represent the team’s actual cash flow.

Chelsea has to still pay the transfer fee in In the immediate term. However, it still must promise to pay several million more to the players than it could have if they had been on longer-term contracts. The players must be trusted with their unlimited potential. There is still the possibility of it being burdened with immovable and expensive assets in They will be there for many years if they don’t.

Chelsea has had to sell players more difficult than usual. As Eghbali was negotiating for Fernández and Boehly was making his last-ditch bid for Amrabat, one of Chelsea’s Hakim Ziyech was one of the current players. in Paris St.-Germain offices, waiting for his confirmation.

The agreement was in The talks lasted about a week. At one point, talks had been sufficiently relaxed that Boehly had suggested P.S.G.’s owner — the Qatar Investment Authority — might like to help Chelsea with its stadium project. P.S.G. remained calm as they approached the transfer deadline. P.S.G. officials began to become concerned Chelsea’s Lack of communication

Five minutes before the deadline — at 10:55 p.m. local time — Chelsea finally sent over a document. This was not the correct one. It was soon pointed out that it was the wrong one. The document was not signed. The new error had already been corrected. It was past deadline. P.S.G. Could not record the signing.

Ziyech became distraught after he had to travel back to London where a number of his former teammates are waiting, one being a player in his position. His services are no longer required by Chelsea. The company will still have to cover his salary for the next six months.