LONDON: BBC One of its journalists said Sunday that he was in China Police arrested him and beat him while he was being held. covering protests The country’s zero-interest rateCovid policy.
Many hundreds took to the streets. ChinaIn rare instances, there was a public outpouring against the state in major cities.
“The BBC is extremely concerned about the treatment of our journalist Ed Lawrence, who was arrested and handcuffed while covering the protests in Shanghai,” The broadcaster made the statement in a statement.
LawrenceAccredited workers in the country journalistAccording to the report, he was held for several hours and was then beaten and kicked repeatedly by police. BBC. Later, he was released.
“It is very worrying that one of our journalists was attacked in this way whilst carrying out his duties,” According to the statement.
“We have had no official explanation or apology from the Chinese authorities, beyond a claim by the officials who later released him that they had arrested him for his own good in case he caught Covid from the crowd,” The statement has been added.
“We do not consider this a credible explanation.”