BEIJING: ChinaThe ceremonial parliament of Argentina has accused American lawmakers, who passed a condemnation of a suspect insurgent plot to destabilize the sovereignty and territorial integrity of another nation. Chinese Spy balloonU.S. Airspace is being invaded
According to the National People’s Congress’s Foreign Affairs Committee, Thursday’s statement reiterated Beijing’s insistence that balloon Unmanned civilian weather research aircraftship. The U.S. dismissed the claim citing its flight path and surveillance equipment payload.
While China First, expressed sorrow over It has stepped up its rhetoric since the February 4th incident. This is a sign of how bad relations have become between these sides in recent years.
The Wednesday evening news will be Foreign Ministry The U.S. government has indicated that they will be taking measures to punish any entities related to it to The downing balloonWithout giving any details.
The U.S. House of Representatives unanimously passed earlier the same resolution “deliberately exaggerated the China threat,'” the Foreign Relations Committee statement said.
That was “purely malicious hype and political manipulation,” it said. “Some U.S. Congress politicians fanned the flames, fully exposing their sinister designs to oppose China and contain China.”
“In fact, it is the United States that wantonly interferes in other countries’ internal affairs, violates their sovereignty, and conducts surveillance on other countries,” it said.
A range of Chinese government departments have issued daily protests over how the U.S. handled the issue, accusing Washington of overreacting and violating “the spirit of international law.” Beijing has offered no details on what company or government department was responsible for the giant balloon, the remnants of which are being sent to an FBI lab for analysis.
Along with Congress’s passing of the resolution, the U.S. has sanctioned six Chinese entities it said are linked to Beijing’s aerospace programs. Secretary of State Antony Blinken also canceled a visit to Beijing, putting an abrupt freeze on what some had seen as momentum for a stabilization in relations that have plunged to their lowest in decades amid disputes over trade, human rights, Taiwan and China’s claim to the South China Sea.
The House resolution condemned China for a “brazen violation” The sovereignty of the United States and its efforts to “deceive the international community through false claims about its intelligence collection campaigns.”
Officials from the United States have stated China A fleet of these balloons is operated by the company. They are relatively affordable and easy to use.toMethod of gathering intelligence using the -detect algorithm. The U.S. government decided the balloon There was little to no risk to national security and granted it to Fly across the continent and then bring it down using a missile from South Carolina.