WASHINGTON: China Is giving The US silent treatment Everyday since The US Send an F-22 Raptor for shooting down The Chinese spy A balloon navigated in North American airspace last Wednesday. You can see this in US New York Post reports that Lloyd Austin, Defense Secretary of the United States, has not called Beijing.
New York Post reports that the “snub” by China The latest indication of frayed was US Communications with the great enemy can lead to concerns that something minor could turn into something much more.
US Antony Blinken, Secretary of State, had intended to reopen communication lines with China During his Beijing trip. After his trip to Beijing, however, the trip was rescheduled. China’s spy The balloon intrusion was made public.
The Pentagon therefore requested that Austin be connected to his secure line. Chinese Wei Fenghe was the counterpart. The correct answer was “a”. “no”.
The Chinese Ministry of Defence continues to deny that the balloon was being monitored. According to the ministry, Austin’s phone call was rejected because of the US “seriously violated international practices and set a very bad precedent” They claim the device was an a. “civilian unmanned airship” meant to be used for scientific research, but it was lost in translation. “force majeure”.
“In view of the US side’s irresponsible and seriously wrong practice, which had failed to create a proper atmosphere for dialogue and exchange between the two militaries, China didn’t accept the US proposal for a phone call between the two defence chiefs,” According to New York Post, Senior Colonel Tan Kefei, a ministry spokesperson said that on Thursday.
The US Intelligence community has tied the Chinese spy It ballooned to become a huge surveillance program that is run by The People’s Liberation ArmyPlease see the following: US According to The Washington Post, officials began to inform allies and other partners that they have also been targeted.
The Washington Post claims that surveillance balloons have been operated in Hainan for several years. ChinaThe South Coast of the United States has collected data on military assets and emerging strategic interests in areas and countries that are not yet known. China Based on several sources, it includes Japan, India Vietnam, Taiwan, Taiwan, the Philippines and many other countries. US officials.
Officials say that the PLA’s surveillance aircraftships were seen over five continents.
Official: “What the Chinese have done is taken an unbelievably old technology, and basically married it with modern communications and observation capabilities to try to glean intelligence on other nations’ militaries. It’s a massive effort.”
The Sunday Review reported recently that it was part of its response. Chinese spy The balloon was travelled US Airspace in the United States was closed last Friday by Joe Biden’s administration. down on the sale of some its technology to many Chinese Companies in aviation and technology