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Xi Jinping (Chinese leader) and Ferdinand Marcos Jr. (Philippine counterpart), have come to an understanding to Strengthen economic ties, and improve your resume talks On oil explorationThey look great! to revive Their economies during the Pandemic Downturn and Friction over Controversy in the South China Sea.

Xi met with Marcos Jr. on Wednesday during the Philippine President’s first state visit to Beijing: The place the leaders came to an agreement to “continue to properly handle maritime issues through friendly consultation,” According to Take a look at the readout. China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The readout Added that each side would “resume negotiations on oil and gas exploration, promote cooperation on oil and gas exploration in non-disputed areas.”

Marcos Jr. said that his country would follow. oil Gas exploration in The South China Sea Even without any deal China, after exploration talks were terminated in writing in June 2022 due to Constitutional challenges and sovereignty issues China All of the approximately 1.3 million-square mile claimed area South China Sea As its sole, but other territories, such as the Philippines, have competing – and sometimes overlapping – claims on certain areas.

The South China Sea This has been an issue between Manila, Beijing for a long time. Relations were even furtherstrained. in December is the month of Philippines Department of National Defense “great concern” About the presence of Chinese vessels in The contested waterway.

The Philippines The Chinese ships were repeatedly accused by the Philippine fisherman of being harassed. in The region is and in A statement released WednesdayMarcos Jr. said that he discussed the matter with Xi in their meeting in Beijing.

Marcos Jr. claimed that Xi was promised in this statement to “find a solution” That would give the opportunity to Filipino fishermen to Use in the Southeast Asian country’s natural fishing grounds.

“We also discussed what we can do to move forward, to avoid any possible mistakes, misunderstandings that could trigger a bigger problem than what we already have,” He added.

In this spirit, all the nations announced plans to Establish a line of direct communication between the maritime department.

The Philippines’ statement, Marcos Jr. said that Xi vowed to Offer assistance to The Philippines Both sides have signed 14 bilateral agreements, covering infrastructure, maritime security and agriculture.

Xi also offered wide-ranging opportunities for cooperation with the PhilippinesSupport for Chinese investments to The PhilippinesHelping the neighbor is important. to Research in vaccines, agriculture technology and basic education. China’s Foreign Ministry said.

The Philippines has long been balancing America’s strategic interest in Alongside the Pacific China’s geopolitical and economic rise.

While there are many ways to help the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte, the previous leader of this country sought closer relationships with them. The United States has been a strong defense ally for many years. China During his six-year tenure in Put aside the territorial spat about power in Exchange for Chinese investment.

Marcos Jr.’s Beijing trip comes after US Vice President Kamala Harris Visited the Philippines in November, where she reaffirmed Washington’s “unwavering” Commitment to Your ally.

Harris and Marcos Jr. spoke about 21 additional projects, some of which were funded by the United States. Philippines.