BEIJING — China On Thursday, trade and investment were prohibited sanctions U.S. military contractors Lockheed Martin Raytheon for We supply weapons TaiwanThe Communist Party is intensifying efforts to seize the part of the territory that the island democracy claims as its own.

These companies can’t import goods into the country. China The Ministry of Commerce declared that new investment in the country is possible.

It wasn’t clear what impact the penalties might have on Lockheed Martin Raytheon. United States bars are the most popular sales Weapons-related technology ChinaSome military contractors may also own civilian companies in aerospace or other markets.

President Xi Jinping increased his attempts to intimidate Taiwan Flying fighter jets or bombers close to the island.
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Chinese military helicopters pass Pingtan Island, which is one of the mainland’s islands. China’s closest point from TaiwanFujian Province, Aug. 4, 2022.
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Taiwan And China The island was divided in 1949 following a civil conflict. The island never has been part of the People’s Republic of ChinaThe Communist Party however, says that they are obliged to unify with the mainland.

President Xi Jinping’s government has stepped up efforts to intimidate Taiwan By flying bombers and fighter planes near the island, and then firing missiles towards the sea.