U.S. authorities are tracking an alleged terrorist Chinese surveillance balloon That has been spotted over U.S. airspace will be open for two days but the Pentagon decided to not shoot it down because of the risk for harm to people. the Officials said that ground was discovered on Thursday. officials said Thursday. the balloon This adds to the strain U.S.-China relations In a moment of increased tension.

Pentagon reporters were told by a senior defense official that the U.S. has “very high confidence” It is. Chinese high-altitude balloon And it flew. over Sites that collect sensitive information. One of the Places the balloon This was spotted Montana was home to the one and only Montana. the nation’s three nuclear missile silo fields at Malmstrom Air Force Base. To discuss sensitive information, the official spoke only under anonymity.

Brig. Brig. the Issue a saying the Government continues to monitor the balloon. He stated that it was “currently traveling at an altitude well above commercial air traffic and does not present a military or physical threat to people on the ground.”

He stated similar words balloon Activity has been seen in the Past several years. He also stated that the U.S. made steps to prevent the collection of sensitive information.

Defense official: the U.S. has “engaged” Chinese Multiple channels were used to communicate with officials the Seriosity of the matter.

It happened as Secretary-of-State Antony Blinken was due to visit Beijing for the first time. He is scheduled to arrive in Beijing on Saturday to attempt to reach common ground. However, the Trip has Not been Officially, Beijing and Washington both have been We are talking about his imminent arrival.

The question of “if” was still unclear. the Discovery of the balloon would impact Blinken’s travel plans.

According to the senior defense official the The United States did acquire fighter jets including F-22s and was ready to fire down. the balloon If ordered by the White House It was ultimately rejected by the Pentagon, who noted that it could be dangerous for others. the balloon This was over It would have created a large debris field in a rural area of Montana that could have been dangerous for people.

The question was unclear the The military did not collect sensitive information. the balloon if it isn’t shot down.

Defense official: the spy balloon I was trying to fly over the Montana missile fields, but the U.S. has That was the assessment the balloon has “limited” value in terms of providing China intelligence it couldn’t already collect by other means, such through spy satellites.

An official wouldn’t specify the Dimensions the balloonIt was not visible from commercial aircraft, however, the pilots were able to see it despite it being high up. All air traffic was halted at Montana’s Billings Logan International Airport from 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. Wednesday, as the Options for the military the White House. Photograph of large white house balloon lingering over the Area was captured by the Billings Gazette. the If that were true, the Pentagon wouldn’t confirm it. the surveillance balloon.

A defense official stated that they were concerned about the launch. the Höhe the balloon At and the It lingered for a long time over Without providing details, you can select a place.

Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte claimed he was briefed on Wednesday the situation after the A statement issued by the Montana National Guard stated that Montana National Guard was informed of an ongoing military operation in Montana airspace. the Brooke Stroyke, Republican spokesperson and governor.

“From the spy balloon to the Chinese Communist Party spying on Americans through TikTok to CCP-linked companies buying American farmland, I’m deeply troubled by the constant stream of alarming developments for our national security,” Gianforte made the statement in a statement.

China tensions are high over a variety of issues. These include Taiwan and the South China Sea to human rights in China’s western Xinjiang region and the Hong Kong authorities have imposed a clampdown on activists for democracy. Not least on that list of irritants are China’s tacit support for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, its refusal to rein in North Korea’s expanding ballistic missile program and ongoing disputes over Trade and technology

This Tuesday Taiwan scrambled fighter jets, It activated its missile systems to respond to any nearby operations. Chinese military aircraft and nine warships that are part Beijing’s strategy to unsettle and intimidate the Self-governing islands democracy

Twenty-two of the aircraft were crossed. the Central line the Taiwan Strait has Long been an unofficial buffer zone between the Two sides that were separated in 1949 during civil war.

Beijing has You also have to make preparations for possible military or blockade against Taiwan. has Increasing concern has been expressed by military and diplomatic leaders as well as elected officials. the U.S., Taiwan’s key ally.

Monitoring balloon NBC News reported it first.

Montanans reported that they saw an odd object. the sky during the airport shutdown Wednesday, but it’s not clear that what they were seeing was the balloon.

Chase Doak stated that he was able to see a billings office window from his home. “big white circle in the sky” That he claimed was too small to be believed the moon.

After taking some pictures, he ran back to his house and bought a new camera with a better lens. He also took video and photos. Doak claimed that the camera was stationary and could be seen for approximately 45 minutes. the Video suggested that it was moving slowly.

“I thought maybe it was a legitimate UFO,” He stated. “So I wanted to make sure I documented it and took as many photos as I could.”

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