Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie The Florida Governor, a GOP rival for the 2024 presidential election, was sarcastic. Ron DeSantis on Sunday after the Floridian attempted to distance himself from a controversial decision that came down from the state’s board of education.

Last week, Florida’s Board of Education released a set of educational standards that directs teachers to instruct students about the skills enslaved people developed and how they could’ve been applied for their “personal benefit” Then, there is the “violence perpetrated against and by African Americans,” The Sunday Review reported previously.

In a CNN interview on Friday, DeSantisWho has passed several laws restricting the teaching Black history, denied playing any role in the board’s controversial decision.

Christie You can call them DeSantis out on Sunday, telling CBS’ Margaret Brennan on “Face the Nation” You can also find out more about us here. DeSantis’ denials were “not the words of leadership.”

“DeSantis started this fire with the bill that he signed and now he doesn’t want to take responsibility for whatever is done in the aftermath of it. And from listening and watching his comments, he’s obviously uncomfortable,” Christie said.

Christie The Florida governor was also quoted as saying “micromanaging curriculum in schools” Focus on the bigger issues at hand, like inflation.

“I think people see this as politically manipulative,” Christie said. “We’re dividing our country into smaller and smaller and smaller pieces. And politicians are pitting them against each other to create conflict. And that’s not going to make the country bigger, better, stronger, or freer,” He added.

DeSantis According to polls, he is currently in second place among the Republican candidates for 2024, with about 20% of support behind former president Donald Trump, who enjoys about 50%. Real Clear Politics. ChristieThe Trump-hater is in 7th place with a backing of low single digits.

Christie The jabs have been taken at DeSantis before, sThe aforementionedying he doesn’t consider DeSantis a You can also read about how to get started..

You can also read about the advantages of using Last Month, Christie Call out DeSantis when the Florida governor refused to denounce former President Trump’s involvement in the 2021 Capitol insurrection and claimed he was nowhere near D.C. when it happened.

“He ‘wasn’t anywhere near Washington,’” Christie said. “Did he have a TV? Was he alive that day? Did he see what was going on? I mean, that’s one of the most ridiculous answers I’ve heard in this race so far.”

DeSantis’ office did not immediately respond to The Sunday Review’s request for comment.