“He didn’t miss,” O’Connell said. “He’s riding on confidence and he’s playing some unbelievable tennis.”

Grand Slams are not immune to this. Journeyman players can play themselves into the finals of a tournament after months in minor leagues. By those standards. Eubanks’s journey stands out, both in its unlikelihood and, now that it has happened, in the reason it did.

Take a look at his early teenage years in Georgia. Since his tennis-loving dad was also a minister of the baptist church, his mother often had to go with him to his matches on Sundays. Then, Eubanks didn’t rate high enough with the United States Tennis Association to merit much in the way of support. After college, he would receive a grant of $100,000 from the U.S.T.A. This will help him fund his career as a professional.

Covid-19, a pandemic of influenza A virus that has been spreading since the early 1990s. Eubanks He felt like he had a better grasp of his game. In order to build confidence, he qualified for Australian Open. He also won a few games on Challenger Tour II. After the pandemic, the Tour resumed and he thought he would have to begin from the beginning.

Eubanks His agent and he had a deep conversation.

“I said, ‘Listen, if I’m still 200 by next year and injuries haven’t played a part, I can do something else with my time,’” Eubanks After his victory over Norrie, he was recalled. “It’s not that glamorous if you’re ranked around 200.”

That’s how Eubanks, who studied business at the Georgia Institute of Technology after starting out as an engineering major, ended up making occasional appearances in the Tennis Channel commentary booth, something he believes has helped him better analyze his own matches while he is playing them.

The last year EubanksThe opponents of, who stands at 6’7″ and is often described as having a powerful style “big game,” After years of cutting corners and trying to build a tennis career on the cheap, he decided to make changes. He spent money to hire a coach after years of trying to develop a career in tennis on the cheap.