The Federal Reserve worked hard over the last year to manage the economy a Record-breaking inflation rate As a result, the federal funds rate has been raised consistently in 25–75 basis point increments in an effort to get the economy running smoothly once again. However, raising rates increases the cost of borrowing. But for savers and checking account holders, it’s not all bad news. Banks will be more cautious if there are fewer borrowers. for Other ways you can reel in new customersThese bonuses are often found in high annual percentage yields (APYs), or lucrative checking accounts bonuses.

The highest available checking account bonus right now is: Citibank’s “New to Citi Checking Cash Bonus Offer.”

Citibank’s checking account cash bonus: $2,000

To a Only for a limited time Citibank is offering a cash bonus You can get as low as $200, $500 and $1,000 or up to $2,000 new customers Open to all a CitibankExisting checking accounts: Citi Priority, Citigold or Basic Banking between now and April 4, 20,23 

To qualify for The bonusIt is important to:  

  1. Take a look at a new Customer (who is At least 18 years-old and you have never owned a home. a Citi checking account within the past 180 days Opening a checking account via telephone or online must occur within the last 180 days a Residential or Home Address (Not a mail address), in an eligible place Offer is It is valid for most U.S. States as well as select markets in Florida or Illinois. 
  2. You can enroll in the New to-Citi Checking Bonus Cash Offer right after opening your account new Register for an Account Enroll online, or contact us to enroll. a Citibank Contact us by telephone 
  3. Do it! a Qualifying deposit within the first 20 days (or 30th day, if your account was opened by telephone) following your account opening. Citibank Your balance will be checked and the maximum amount will be determined. bonus You could potentially make. Transfers between Citi Global Transfers, Citi Debit Cards, Cash Deposits, Citi Global Transfers, Citi Global Transfers. Citibank accounts do not qualify. Your account cannot be funded by wire transfer, enhanced direct deposit or checks.
  4. So long as you keep at least a You can keep $10,000 in your checking account every day for You will be eligible for 60 days beginning on the 21st of each calendar day. for a bonus. If you balance drops below the threshold for Even if it’s just for one day “maintenance period”Get your highest bonus It will not be the same. 
  5. To remain eligible, your checking account must remain open and in good standing from the time it’s opened until you receive your bonusThe amount should be received within thirty days after meeting the eligibility criteria. 

Does it make sense to open? a Citibank You can also open an account for The bonus?

Citibank’s new Checking account bonus is It is one of the most lucrative deals on the current market, however it might not be the right fit. for Every account holder. 

According to the latest Survey of Consumer FinancesAmericans have an average $41,700 balance in their transaction accounts. That includes checking and savings accounts as well money market accounts. Prepaid debit cards are not included. To be eligible, you must deposit a high amount. for The maximum bonus Prices starting at $2,000 is a It is staggeringly $300,000. is Most likely impossible to reach for Most consumers. 

Remember: Only checking accounts with qualifying features are allowed. for This bonus All charge monthly service charges. Although these fees are not refundable if the minimum balance is met, they can still be paid. is $1,500+. 

You can do this if you have the money bonus Offer Could it is worth your time. It is, however, a worthwhile investment in the overall scheme of things. Citibank is a Larger bank with a vast ATM network, a Built a platform for online and mobile banking. a Long list of services and products for financial markets for Individuals and companies alike. 

However, if you don’t have at least $10,000 to deposit into your account and a To qualify, you must have at least $1,500 each month in your bank account for Minimum bonus It makes sense to investigate other areas with a $200 offer. bonus Opportunities with lower balance and deposit requirements and possibly higher bonus offers.  There are many options. bonus It can be a A nice, short-term lift but a new You can also open an account is a It is important to consider long-term commitments carefully. 

“Every financial institution you do business with is required to collect nonpublic information, including your Social Security number and details about your employment, assets and income,” says Herman (Tommy) Thompson, Jr., a certified financial planner at Innovated Financial Group, LLC. “All new You can also open an account is There is another chance for Cyber criminals can gain access to your data. You need to consider whether you are a cyber criminal. a Opening a five-hundred dollar account bonus At a new Institution is It’s worth it to keep track a new account, a new App on your smartphone, plus more data floating about in cyberspace.

There are other ways you can make more money

A few financial institutions will offer check-in account bonuses. for a Limited Time) To Incentivize new customers To open an account. This can usually be done by opening an account. a Cash bonus Direct deposit into your account after you meet certain conditions, including a certain minimum balance and qualifying purchase requirements. There are many other methods to make money.

  • Secure your money now a Certificate of deposit (CD). A CD is a Savings account type that is available a High fixed rate of interest a lump-sum deposit for a Set a period. There’s a catch. Withdrawing funds prior to your CD expires will result in high fees. This option is only worth considering if your money won’t be needed before that time.
  • Save your money a High-yield Savings Account: Accounts that offer high-yield savings a A little more flexibility than a CDs earn higher annual percentage returns (APYs), than savings accounts. Plus, in an high-inflation environment savings accounts are likely to boast even higher APYs—upwards of 10 times the national average.
  • Open a Money Market Account: An account in the money market is Another type of deposit account offers both savings and checking account benefits. While these accounts often offer higher interest rates than those in checking, many of them have similar features such as check writing, access to debit cards, and withdrawals or deposits through ATMs. 


It is a lucrative opportunity bonus Can help you kickstart your checking accounts and be a Nice incentive to get open a new account, but it shouldn’t be the sole deciding factor in whether or not to open a new How to check your account. You must be familiar with the requirements for eligibility for Any bonus Be offered rates and charges before you commit. a new account.