GENEVARescue workers continue to rescue bodies from an apartment block that was hit by a Russian missile. in The Ukrainian city of Dnipro The United Nations announced on Monday that they had confirmed Saturday’s statement. deaths More than 7000 civilians from Ukraine in The 11 months since Russia invaded.
UN Monitors in Ukraine According to the monitors, 2,784 men and 1,875 women were killed. Another 1,939 adult victims whose gender is unknown included 1,939 people. The monitors said that 398 children were among those who died. These numbers only include those who have died. UN The author was able to confirm the assertions. UN Recognizes that civilian deaths are much greater.
The United Nations monitored the deaths of 104 Ukrainian civilians. in The first six months of January were the UN Office for Human Rights in Geneva declared these deaths It would have been impossible to include victims of Saturday’s missile strike against Dnipro which decimated a nine-story apartment block, Ukrainian officials reported that 40 had been killed by Monday’s missile strike on Dnipro. in More than 30 persons were still missing after the attack.