Marc Lasry a co-owner of the N.B.A.’s Milwaukee BucksA deal has been reached between. to Sell his shares of the Team to Jimmy and Dee Haslam are the owners the N.F.L.’s Cleveland BrownsAccording to to a Person familiar with the deal.

Transaktion values the Bucks At $3.5 Billion Spokesmen the Browns And the Bucks declined to comment.

Lasry purchased the team in 2014 For $550 Million, Jamie Dinan and Wes Edens will also be buying equal shares. of the organization.

Lasry is not currently the team’s governor, which is the The N.B.A. has a top-ranking position for decision making organization. Edens and Edens are inseparable the Role the Haslams the Similar arrangement in the The ownership group the Person who is familiar with the deal said.

Lasry presided over one of the most successful eras for the Franchise is partly because of the transcendent talent of Giannis Antetokounmpo was drafted in 2013.

Antetokounmpo was won the league’s Most Valuable Player Award in 2019 and 2020. He led the Bucks to A N.B.A. A.B.A. the Second in Bucks history. The first was in 1971.

Less success has been had by the Haslams in the N.F.L. N.F.L. Browns Had a Only one win record since 1996 the Haslams purchased the In 2012 the team was a winning team. They were defeated in 2017

By 2022 the Haslams trades for Deshaun Wilson, quarterback; he is awarded a Watson is the victim of more than 20 women who were accused. Watson has been fully guaranteed a 5-year contract worth $230,000,000 for a total payment. of sexual misconduct during massage appointments. The Haslams the Browns he was not speaking to Any of Watson’s accusers or their lawyers before making the trade. Three new lawsuits against him were then filed.

Watson denies it the There were also accusations made against him. Two Texas grand juries declined to Watson was indicted for criminal charges. Watson and Watson reached a settlement. of the 26 suits were filed against him. One case was dropped for privacy reasons.

The Haslams’ deal to Buy a Share of the Bucks They would increase their sporting holdings. a third American sports league. Additional to the Browns, the Haslams owns the Major League Soccer: Columbus Crew The Haslams’ ownership group took over the After its owner threatened, the soccer team was kept in Ohio. to Moving the Team to Texas.

Before the Verkauf of the Bucks It becomes an official document the N.B.A. This will be the end a Background check the Haslams. Thereafter the league’s board of The governors will vote whether or not to approve to Approve the sale. Only once the The league was approved a buyer, the board’s vote is considered a formality.

Lasry and the Two months after Mat Ishbia and Haslams reached an agreement, Haslams arrives to Buy a Large majority of the Phoenix Suns. Ishbia bought 57 percent of the Suns, valued at $4Billion as part of This was the end of it. He also bought it the All of the portion which had been taken to Robert Sarver. Sarver decided to Sell the After an N.B.A., team was under immense pressure. Investigation revealed that he engaged in widespread misconduct during his ownership the Organization, such as using racial slurs on Black people or treating women unfairly.

Ishbia was approved the Board of Governors a 29-to-0 vote; the Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert, Isbhia’s rival in the mortgage business, abstained.

If granted the Haslams would be joining a Small group of Billionaires who own large stakes in each of these industries are known as billionaires. the N.B.A. And the N.F.L. Jodie Allen is the The controlling owner of the N.F.L.’s Seattle Seahawks and the N.B.A.’s Portland Trail Blazers Gayle Benson is the owner the N.F.L. N.F.L. New Orleans. Stan Kroenke’s holdings include the N.F.L.’s Los Angeles Rams and the N.B.A.’s Denver Nuggets.

Andrew Das Participatory reporting