Just hours earlier, it was struck by a fatal mass shooting Saturday night. Club Q In Colorado Springs posted on Facebook About a planned “all ages drag brunch” Sunday morning. This event was described as follows: the Club as a celebration of the Transgender Day of RemembranceThe honoree is. the Memorization of People who were transgender and lost their lives to anti-transgender violence.

Motive behind the attack at Club Q On Sunday morning, it was not yet known. As the investigation continued, observers around the The world was saddened the Deadly shooting the Club arrived just before an event to help victims of anti-L.G.B.T.Q. Hate crimes

Transgender Day of RemembranceA day of Coming together and mourning the The transgender community was founded in 1999. Gwendolyn Ann Smith, writer and activist to Celebrate the Life and Honor the Memorization of Rita Hester, a Black transgender women who was shot to death the Year before.

Ms. Hester had her throat stabbed to Her death occurred in her apartment on Nov. 28, 1998. Her murder remains unsolved.

“Violence or discrimination of any type against a person because of who they are is wrong and inhumane,” Xavier Becerra, President Biden’s health secretary, wrote in a statement on Friday about this year’s Transgender Day of Remembrance. “I call on my fellow Americans to stand up against hate.”

In recent years, the Killings of dozens of transgender people in America, many of These transgender women of Fears have been sparked by color of An “epidemic” of such violence.