Cookie dismantled the former president’s “chaotic” Sunday speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference. He tried to present himself as “the savior of the American right.” The conservative columnist hit the headline Monday in a column Trump with the truth that he’s “been responsible for grievous Republican losses in the last three national elections.”

In 2018, the Democrats defeated Republicans Trump He was elected president. His race for 2020 reelection was lost. In 2022, he lost his race for reelection in 2020. TrumpWhile backed Republicans ran for the major office, Democrats did better than anticipated.

Trump’s claim at CPAC that the GOP was “ruled by freaks, neocons, open-border zealots, and fools” He was unable to take control of the situation until he did. “not an offhand comment,” Cooke, noted.

This was part of an ongoing pattern. Trump Blaming former President Ronald Reagan and Paul Ryan, former House Speaker of the House (R-Wis.), for their national Republican views “as examples of what has historically been wrong with the GOP.”

“As far as I can see, the argument here seems to be that if, in addition to all of the solid conservatives who are backing a given candidate, that candidate also has fans who are more politically moderate, he must, ipso facto, be a fraud,” Cooke was the author. “Which . . . well, which is completely backwards, isn’t it?”

Trump Despite being impeached twice, and then defeated in 2020, he is running for Republican nomination 2024. He already has his first major challenger ― former ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley ― and is expected to face multiple others, including Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.