Cops We urge you to patience Sunday as Investigators used hundreds of samples of Tips and interviews with dozens of One week after four, people are the same University of Idaho students They were found fatally stabbed to death in an unspeakable tragedy.

One week after the quadruple murder, the Moscow Police Department held an informal press conference with federal and state law enforcement. However, there were few new details.

Moscow police believed the attack was targeted. However, they were unable to provide further information.

“It was a complex and terrible crime and it will take some time to resolve,” James Fry, Chief of Moscow Police, warned.

“We believe they’re targeted because we take a totality of all the circumstances we’re looking at. Do we know any one person that was targeted?” Fry also stated. “We’re not able to say at this point in time due to our investigation, but we still believe that.” 

Fry claimed that Fry was the one who called 911 to report an unconscious body. of the roommates’ phones, but refused to say who actually made the call. But he noted that other friends arrived at the home around the time the call was made.

He also pointed out that the 911 caller wasn’t the killer.

James Fry, Chief of Police at the Moscow Police Department, during a news conference held on Nov. 20, 2022 in Moscow, Idaho.
James Keivom

Fry reported that law enforcement officers have received over 600 tips and conducted 90 interviews in the past week. as Authorities remain unsure as to where the killer or killers might be.

“We are looking everywhere that the evidence will lead us. I can’t say if the person’s here, I can’t say what community the person’s in,” Fry stated.  “We’re utilizing every resource we can to make that location of the individual.”

When asked, the suspect Fry said that this could happen across state lines. “We’re looking everywhere.”

Questions continue to swirl following the deaths of seniors Madison Mogen & Kaylee Gncalves, junior Xana Knodle, and freshman Ethan Chapin. of Sunday at noon, stab wounds.

The authorities believe that the four victims were killed in the early hours of the morning. they slept. Chapin, Chapin and the three women were also roommates. in A relationship with Kernodle

Many students Have you left the city? of 25,000 ahead of Thanksgiving break. Many other holiday celebrations. students don’t want to come back, University of Idaho Scott Green, president, spoke during the press conference.

“We are making security our top priority. We’re also planning for the very real possibility that some students aren’t comfortable returning to campus,” Green said.

“While we certainly hope there’s a swift closure with the arrest of whoever is responsible for this crime, we must also be prepared for all the possibilities including a lengthy investigation,” He warned.

Idaho students
Madison Mogen (21 years old), Kaylee Gorcalves (21 years old), Ethan Chapin (20, center) and Xana Krumodle (20, right) were brutally killed.
University of Idaho students were stabbed to death
Moscow police believe that the attack was carried out.
James Keivom

Chapin, Kernodle and others were seen at Sigma Chi fraternity house just before the pair returned home at 1:45 a.m. Monday. Mogen and Goncalves attended a popular bar. in Moscow till 1:30 a.m., then visit a food cart and get a ride home from a ride-hailing company around 1:45.

Two of The victims were found on the second floor, while the two other victims were located on the third floor. Police said that the victims were repeatedly stabbed and some suffered defensive injuries.

Initial police statements that there was no threat to the community were made by the officers after the grisly discovery. However, they later changed their mind and advised the community to remain vigilant.

Dozens of FBI agents are assigned for the case. as for the Moscow Police Department.

Despite police digging through garbage bins around the crime scene, they had not found any murder weapon.

blood on wall
Authorities discovered that the 911 caller was not the murderer.
James Keivom
Investigators gather evidence
Law enforcement received more than 600 tips in the last week. They also conducted 90 interviews.
James Keivom

“Early in the investigation, local businesses were canvassed in an effort to see if any fixed blade type knives may have recently been purchased,” Roger Lanier, the Moscow police captain. “And currently, there are no suspects in custody and we have not located a weapon.”

Two roommates: a man was spotted near Goncalves & Mogen at a food truck and a ride-hailing driver, who both took the college. students All have been returned home as Police arrest suspects

Fry stated that police believed several calls to Mogen and Goncalves were not related to the crime. Fox News Digital claims that the parents are not guilty. of Goncalves said they They believed that the ex-boyfriend of their daughter, whom they called several times, wasn’t involved in The crime.

“We know that people want answers, we want answers, too,” Idaho state police Colonel Kendrick Wills. 

Police want anyone with information to call the authorities.