Valve’s on the precipice of launching a major update You can find more information here Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveAccording to a report from esports journalist Richard Lewis (via Forbes). Lewis is informed by sources close to the matter that Valve may finally be releasing a new version of the game on the company’s Source 2 engine as early as this month.

Lewis is a big winner CS:GO stories in the past, says he’s told that Valve already enlisted a Group of professionals CS:GO players to try out the updated game at the company’s Seattle headquarters. Transferring the game from the Source 2 engine. is used by some of Valve’s other games, like Dota 2 And Alyx Half-LifeThis could lead to better graphics and performance.

That’s apparently not the only upgrade Valve’s been working on. Lewis says that there are other upgrades Valve has been working on. “new” CS:GO Could include a better matchmaking platform that closely matches the third-party platforms players can use to find and join. CS:GO Matches, such as FACEIT and ESEA. Valve’s also expected to increase the tick rate of the servers used by the game from 64 to 128, potentially making for less latency during online matches.

It’s hard to believe that over 10 years after the release of CS:GO Valve was going to spring (and more than 20 years since its original release). a huge update With little to no fanfare, they walked on us. But this isn’t the only evidence of a Possible upgrade Last week u/DAOWAce on Reddit discovered a Named suspect pair of executable file pairs “csgos2.exe” And “cs2.exe,” Nvidia has included it in its most recent driver releases.

While it may sound like Valve’s releasing an entirely new game, Twitter users @gabefollower And @aquaismissing explain that this could simply indicate that Valve’s moving the game over to the Source 2 engine and that developers may have been a bit lazy With the file-naming. We hopefully won’t have to wait too much longer to see what the so-called Counter-Strike 2 is all about, though, as Lewis says the game’s “about ready to go.”