China’s Permanent Covid lockdowns Some residents are expressing anger at increasing public outrage. in Guangzhou, one of the country’s biggest cities, staging rare protests These rules are not to be followed.
Many people can be seen marching in the videos shared on social media. in The streets and pushing through police barriers in Guangzhou’s Haizhu district, which has been in Lockdown since last month’s end
The demonstrations were held in Numerous “urban villages,” Hong Kong Economic Journal reported that migrant workers mainly live in poorer neighborhoods. Numerous police vehicles were dispatched by the local government. protestsAccording to the report, it was a total of.
Chinese, especially those from China in urban centers, are becoming increasingly agitated after almost three years of restrictions under the country’s Covid Zero policy.
Even though authorities have eased some restrictions, lockdowns continue to escalate despite the fact that they are reducing the mandatory quarantine period for all inbound travelers. They also scrapped a system in which airlines were penalized for transporting infected passengers. People locked in their homes are complaining about food shortages and difficulties getting timely medical treatment.
There are very few posts that discuss the topic. protests These riots were deemed by some to be riots and could be found on Weibo, WeChat, and other social media platforms. in China is a country where online conversations are frequently censored in order to control public opinion. Weibo has banned hashtags such as “Guangzhou Haizhu district riot” “Haizhu riot” While the posts could still be seen, they were not visible anymore.
Guangzhou Panyu and Liwan were also locked down, and new infections rose to 5,124 Monday. Huang Kunming is the Communist Party chief in Guangdong. He is the province’s where Guangzhou Officers were directed to eradicate the virus. in Communities “as soon as possible,” The Paper reported that there was an internal meeting Monday night.
China reported more that 17,000 new customers Covid Monday’s cases are the most recent since April.
While Guangzhou Chongqing in the southwest saw an increase of 2,948 cases. This is despite being the largest source of the majority. The country’s commitment to the constitution has been reiterated by state media. Covid Zero, despite the fact that there are more cases than ever before.