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Cyber Monday shopping Sales reached $6.3 billion in America today through a part of the day, according to the report. to The most recent online shopping data From Adobe Analytics.

It’s not unusual for Cyber Monday Black Friday online shopping Results to Record breaking but it this economic climate it’s encouraging to You will see it happen. Still, growth has slowed From 2021 to 2020, holiday seasons

Consumers spent $6.3 billion up through 3:00 pm Pacific time for Cyber Monday. Adobe The expectation is that consumers will spend $11.2 billion to $11.6 billion per day when the final count is in. Cyber Monday The largest online shopping site shopping Day of the Year (and all Time).

Today, the top 15 hot sellers (not in ranked order) have included Legos, Hatchimals, Disney Encanto, Pokémon cards, Bluey, Dyson products, strollers, Apple Watches, drones, and digital cameras. Video games such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II and FIFA 23 are still very popular.

Hot Wheels and Cocomelon were the top-selling toys over the weekend. Bluey, Disney Encanto (L.O.L.), Bluey, Disney Encanto and Bluey were also popular. Roblox and Fortnite are the top toys. Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 remain the top selling gaming consoles, with popular games including FIFA 23, God of War Ragnarök, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, Madden 23, and NBA 2k23. Apple iPads, Apple MacBooks and digital cameras were hot sellers as well as Roku devices, drones. Gift cards, Instapots, Roku devices and Roku devices.

Black Friday Online shopping Sales were $9.12 Billion, an increase of 2.3% over a previous year. Thanksgiving sales reached $5.29 Billion, which is up 2.9% from last year. Those were above Adobe’s projections. Consumers spent $10.7 billion last year Cyber Monday.

Strong consumer spend has net-new supply and not increased prices. The Adobe Digital Price Index, which tracks online prices across 18 product categories (complements the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Consumer Price Index, which also includes prices for offline only products and services like gasoline and rent) shows that prices online have been nearly flat in recent months (down 0.7% YoY in October 2022).

Adobe Analytics: Cyber Monday Will set You can find more information at record.

Adobe’s numbers are not adjusted for inflation, but Online inflation would still exist if it were taken into consideration. growth The company stated that the underlying consumer demand was high.

Toys were the most popular category. growth driver in the days before to Cyber MondayOnline sales increased 452% in October 2022, compared to an average day in October 2022. In addition, strong demand was seen for appliances (305% more) and baby/toddler goods (289% more). to Electronics (up 276%), and apparel (up 258%)

Shoppers will be pleased with the following: record Computers are currently on sale at discounts of up to 27%, peaking at the listed price. You will find deals in almost all categories, including apparel (19%) and toys (33%), electronics (25%), electronic accessories (16%), sporting goods (16%) and furniture (11%). Those looking to Buy an appliance, you should wait until Thursday (December 1, 2017) to get discounts set to Average peak of 18%

Weekend spending was strong

Consumers spent over a Black Friday’s worth of ecommerce over the weekend at $9.55 billion, up 4.4% YoY ($4.59 billion on November 26, up 2.6% YoY / $4.96 billion on November, up 6.1% YoY). Season-to-date (November 1 to November 27, 2009: Consumers spent $96.42 trillion online, an increase of 2.1% YoY.

While the big days like Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday have seen new heights in popularity, consumers still spent at record All seasons have their levels. Online spending has increased by more than $3 billion since November 1. The main driver of the shift in consumer spending was the availability of large discounts at an early stage.

“Shoppers have seen massive discounts this past week, which is the exact opposite situation from last season when supply chain constraints kept prices elevated,” Vivek Pandya, the lead analyst at Adobe Digital Insights in a Statement “While discounting will have an impact on margins for retailers, it is also driving a level of demand that can help brands build long-term loyalty and net some short-term gains.”

Additional Adobe Analytics Insights

The weekend saw an increase in online toys sales by 383% (compared to the previous week). to Average daily sales of the category in October 2022 were $2,057. Baby toys saw strong demand (up 252%). Jewelry (up 230%) and sporting goods (up 239%) were among the other categories that saw a surge over the weekend. Apparel (up 217%).

Flexible payments have been a major topic of conversation this season due to the fact that online spending has reached new heights, and inflation affecting consumers. The week ending November 21st was the most busy. to November 27, “buy now, pay later” Orders have increased 68%, and revenue has increased 68% has Comparatively, 72% more to The week prior.

Smartphones drove half of all online sales this weekend (52%) compared to 48% last year. Adobe Expect mobile shopping to Dip on Cyber Monday These trends are based on past trends. Laptops will continue to be the preferred device of many people who are back at work. shopping online.

Forecast Cyber Week

Adobe You can expect Cyber Week is the five-day period that runs from Thanksgiving Day through Friday Cyber Monday) to Spend $34.8 Billion online, an increase of 2.8% YoY and 16.3% of the total November through December holiday season.

Cyber Monday Is expected to remain the season’s and year’s biggest online shopping Each day brought in between $11.2 billion – $11.6 billion. Black Friday brought in $11.2 billion to $11.6 billion. record The online spend of $9.12Billion was up 2.3% YoY. Thanksgiving’s online spend was $5.29B, which is up 2.9% YoY.

Adobe Online transactions by direct consumers are analyzed. This analysis includes more than one trillion visits to U.S. retail stores, 100 million SKUs and 18 product types.

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