“Dances With Wolves” actor Nathan Chasing Horse It was briefly in On Thursday, after being charged with assaulting Indigenous women/girls and leading a sect, he went to court for the first-time.

Chasing Horse46-year-old sported a downtrodden look in North Las Vegas Court while clad in Blue jail garb and handcuffs, and didn’t try to make eye contact with his family members in This is the front row.

It actorHis role in the film was well-respected. in The 1990 Kevin Costner movie “Dances With Wolves,” He was taken into police custody after SWAT officers searched his North Las Vegas house. Prosecutors claim that he lives there with his family. “five wives.”

Authorities allege he is the leader of a cult called “The Circle,” He was detained after an extensive investigation that lasted for months.

It actorHis full name is Nathan Lee Chasing His HorseThe charges against him include sex trafficking and sexual assault of children under 16 years old, as well as child abuse. However, no formal charges have been brought.

Actor Nathan Lee Chasing His HorseAlso called: Nathan Chasing HorseThe following appeared: in North Las Vegas Justice Court, Thursday.

Family members of Chasing Horse sitting in the front row of court.
The identities of unidentified relatives Nathan Chasing HorseOn Thursday, he was arraigned at North Las Vegas Justice Court. He is accused of two decades of sexual assault on children.

Even though the judge had said that he should speak, he didn’t. “good morning” He will be grateful.

He was released on bail because there are enough facts to support his release in Clark County Jail. He will be there in Monday, the court will hold a full bail hearing. Victims, FBI agents, and detectives will have an opportunity to talk, said a prosecutor. in Court Thursday

Las Vegas authorities say Chasing Horse At least 6 different women were assaulted in The past 20 years.

Chasing Horse and Costner in a still from the movie.
Chasing HorseLeft: Starred by ‘Smiles A Lot’ in The movie was released in 1990 “Dances with Wolves” Kevin Costner.

Two women in His apparent “cult” According to police, he told them he had kept the money. “suicide pills” in He told them to go to his home. “take a pill to kill themselves in the event he dies or law enforcement tries to break their family apart,” According to the arrest warrant.

Another fact police reported was that one of his numerous wives was 15 years old at the time she was presented to him for a job. “gift.” Chasing Horse There are also reports that they armed the women in He told them that he would take his own life and tell them to shoot the police if they attempt to arrest him.

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