Darren Drozdov, a Former N.F.L. Football player that pursued a On Friday, he died after his pro wrestling career was ended due to an accident that left him paralyzed. He died on Friday. 54.

His death, at Cliff Stein, his long-time friend and agent, Cliff Stein, as well as his sister Rommi, confirmed that he died at the AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center, Pomona in New Jersey. It was unclear what caused his death.

Before Drozdov made his mark in the wrestling world, he first came to the public’s attention as an N.FL. After he vomited, a player was suspended. a Football at a Monday night game, Mr. Stein said. There are reports that indicate this. he puked more than once.

Drozdov spent his entire adult life in Mays Landing. He played football at the University of Maryland and graduated with a degree in 1992. a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice.

Denver Broncos signed him as a rookie undrafted after he graduated. Drozdov played football for the New York Jets as well as Philadelphia Eagles. He was 6 foot 3 inches and weighed about 280 pounds.

When he played for the Montreal Alouettes a He started thinking about the professional Canadian football team. a Stein’s career as a pro wrestler was his dream. Mr. Stein had been thinking about it for a long time.

“His personality was so colorful, and the mohawks and the tattoos and the way he talked, everyone would say, ‘You are a wrestler,’” Mr. Stein recalled. “He would call you ‘brother.’ He’d pick you up. His presence was so big.”

Drozdov (also known as Droz or Puke) was finally accepted. a WWE Training Program Then, he began to be put in matches. He was a success. a Road Warriors member a Popular tag team and became well known for its “Droz’s World” WWE has said that vignettes are a good way to show off the WWE.

In the beginning of his career, he had a very successful career. a WWE training program with other notable wrestlers like Matt Bloom, known as Prince Albert, and Dwayne Johnson, the actor known as the Rock, who mourned Drozdov’s death on Twitter.

“We wrestled on a lot of cards together,” He has written. “Such an awesome dude. Great personality and great wrestling talent. We always talked about football and fishing. Sending love, strength, mana and light to his family. RIP brother.”

The During a The 1999 Wrestling Match at Drozdov suffered an injury in the Nassau Coliseum at Uniondale (N.Y.) that left him quadriplegic. His wrestling career was over.

Two discs were fractured in the neck of this patient. a stunt gone wrong after he was thrown to the mat by his opponent, D’Lo Brown, and landed on his head instead of his back.

Darren Drozdov is the son Olaf Drozdov and Cyndi Drozdov. He was born on April 7th, 1969, in Wilmington. His father owned three laundry machines and worked as a real estate agent. a Professor at Atlantic Cape Community College is located in New Jersey.

His parents and sister are survivors. The marriage of 1999 ended with a divorce in 2001.

Drozdov’s sister helped care for him after he was injured. She said he spent a lot of time supporting her children.

“He loved watching them grow up,” “Ms. Drozdov” said. “He would go to all the soccer games, football, tennis, everything. You could always find him on a sideline that my kids are on.”

Hunting was another of his favorite outdoor activities.

Kevin Plank, Drozdov’s friend and the founder of the sportswear company Under Armour, facilitated the design of a wheelchair That was basically it a “tank with wheels,” Stein said that Drozdov should be allowed to walk through the woods.

Drozdov’s family members described him as being relentlessly positive in the aftermath of the wrestling accident.

In a statementThey cited their own words.

“There is always another day,” “He said” “Just because I’m paralyzed and stuck in a wheelchair doesn’t mean my life is over. I’ve learned to live again, and my life is far from over.”