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2022’s end-of-the year report projects that consumers are spending more on in-app purchases The total value of consumables is expected to reach $129 Billion. It is a small contraction in the market, down 2% from 2021’s $131 billion.

Due to the economic downturn on This slight drop is to be expected in the market. The COVID-19 restrictions are another factor that is driving this shift. The disposable income of consumers is being used to spend greater amounts on Experiences like they’ve never been before since 2020.

iOS vs. Android

Apple’s App Store continues to drive more spending than Google Play. In-app spending on Android is predicted to account for $46 billion, while iOS is estimated at $83 trillion.

Both Apple’s App Store and Google Play felt the market cooling off. Each platform saw its annual figures decline roughly at the same pace. Apple will continue to account for 65 cents on every dollar. spent in Mobile apps are the future of mobile technology.


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The majority of expenditures still go to games on Each platform, but specifically on Android. downloads

Although spending has slowed, first-time apps are still being installed every year. 140 billion apps downloaded and an 8-percent growth is a stark contrast to the previous year. in 2021, projects 151 billion downloads in 2022 This is a growth rate of 9%. This year, an additional 11,000,000 apps were downloaded.

These growth factors are being led by Android smartphones. Downloads rose by 12 percent on Google Play reached around 117 million. Downloads are a far more common comparison. on iOS’s numbers are about flat. They have increased by 1% to close to 34 billion.

iOS is slowing down on downloads, Android users in The growth is being driven by emerging markets in downloads. They accounted for 73% global app downloads. These users accounted to 28% of all spending. Alphabet may not yet feel the benefits, but user acquisitions could pay off in dividends in Future.’s Breakout Games games mobile 2022

While we don’t see too many surprises on’s top performing games of 2022Mobile versions of PCs and console games continue to be popular. The top 10 were Diablo Immortal, League of Legends Wild Rift and League of Legends. in Consumer spending globally. Meanwhile, EA’s Apex Legends mobile version was No. 6 in Monthly active users

Notably, top titles translated into Chinese are far more popular than their Chinese counterparts. Game for Peace was created. on Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds while Battle of Golden Spatula is a localized version of Teamfight Tactics.’s full report, including data on Non-gaming apps available now.

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