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Games industry suffered a postholidays slump within the first month. 2023According to The industry-tracking company The NPD Group. All gaming sectors sales The firm registered in January either dipped or remained level, though this isn’t surprising given the general downward trajectory of gaming sales Over the past year, the post-holiday period. A number of new releases have been released. January Games did enough well to reach the top of the best-sellers chart.

January 2023 Millions of Dollars, Sales Jan
There is always change
Total Video Game Sales $4,589 $4,347 -5%
Total Video Game Sales $7,428 $7,583 2%
Video Game Content (Physical & Digital Full Game, DLC/MTX and Subscription consumer spending across Console, Cloud, Mobile*, Portable, PC and VR platforms)
$4,006 $3,788 -5%
Video Game Hardware $392 $393 0%
Accessories for Video Games $191 $165 -14%
*Mobile spending provided by Sensor Tower

“January 2023 marks the first time the U.S. video game market experienced a year-on-year decline since September 2022, when consumer spending reached 4% below September 2021 levels,” NPD analyst Mat Piscatella. “Drops in mobile content, physical console content and gamepad spending drove the January shortfall.”

Hardware sales increased last year sales The industry grew by 22% year over year, and it appears that the market is holding steady at the current level. Piscatella commented on hardware: “Growth in PlayStation 5 and Switch hardware spending was offset by declines across other platforms.” Accessories salesOn the contrary, the number of people using gamepads was down significantly compared to last year.

January 2023 NPDThe Top 20 Best-Seller Games of the Month in the U.S.

Rank Last
All Platforms Publisher
1 1 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (1922) Activision Blizzard (Corp)
2 NEW Dead Space (2023) Electronic Arts
3 4 Madden NFL 23 Electronic Arts
4 5 FIFA 23 Electronic Arts
5 NEW Fire Emblem Engage* Nintendo
6 7 Elden Ring Bandai Namco Entertainment
7 NEW Bespoken Square Enix Inc. (Corporation)
8 3 God of War Ragnarok Sony (Corp)
9 NEW One Piece Odyssey Bandai Namco Entertainment
10 2 Pokémon: Scarlet/Violet* Nintendo
11 36 The Last of Us Part 1 Sony (Corp)
12 6 Sonic Frontiers Sega
13 68 Monster Hunter: Rise Capcom USA
14 9 Mario Kart 8* Nintendo
15 14 Minecraft Numerous Video Game Companies
16 8 Need to move quickly Electronic Arts
17 12 Just Dance 2023 Edition Ubisoft
18 11 NBA 2K23* Take 2 Interactive (Corp).
19 21 Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales Sony (Corp)
20 27 NHL 23 Electronic Arts
*Digital sales Not included

Many of the latest releases are available for purchase here January managed to make the charts, though crowd-pleaser Hi-Fi Rush just missed out — likely due to releasing near the very end of the month and its availability on Game Pass. The chart largely features the usuals: Call of Duty, sports titles and Pokémon. Other popular releases, including Elden Ring and God of War Ragnarök, also remain in the top 10.


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The Last of Us Part 1 (and Monster Hunter Rise) made notable leaps to the top 20 of the low-ranked games. It is possible that The Last of Us has been influenced by the HBO Max series based on it, which debuted on January 15. Monster Hunter Rise was also released on Xbox and PlayStation, which accounts for the dramatic increase in its ranking from 68th to 13th.

Dead SpaceEngage and Forspoken

Here are the top new releases charted NPD’s list, Dead Space Debuted in second place on the List. The series’ reputation — and given that it’s a remake of the beloved original — likely helped boost its profile. Similarly, Fire Emblem Engage put in a good showing thanks to the franchise’s positive reputation among both console gamers (with Fire Emblem: Three Houses) and mobile users (with Fire Emblem Heroes).

Forspoken, on the other hand, didn’t reach as high as the other two, coming in at 7th. It’s not a bad showing for a new IP — December’s The Callisto Protocol didn’t even break the top 15. However, some negative word of mouth might have contributed to the game’s lower ranking on the list, especially considering Engage’s ranking doesn’t take digital sales into account.

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