New York Democrats Are licking their lips at the idea of an a special election in Long Island should freshman GOP Rep. George Santos be forced from Congress — while Republicans are girding for It’s the worst.

Santos’ victory in the Queens/North Shore district — one of the biggest Republican upsets in the nation during the 2022 midterms — quickly became a morass after news broke that the fresh-faced Congressman was a serial liar.

Santos now faces a swirl of questions about his financial disclosures — and the origins of a $705,000 loan he made to his campaign.

“I am pretty confident that in either a matter of weeks or couple of months that Mr. Santos is going to have to vacate his seat because of the ongoing investigations into his finances,” Jay Jacobs, New York Democratic Party boss, spoke to The Post.

Tom Suozzi is also being sought out by people who want to thank him for his retirement from the race. for Governor, to ask if he would consider returning to the action.

Jacobs said Democrats The seat would be retaken and potential candidates were already lined up. Unlike primaries, candidates for special Wahlen in Party leaders select New York.

“I have heard from a few people that they have got a desire to talk about it. I have not started having any formal conversations yet,” Jacobs said.

Dem potential aspirants are numerous. Robert Zimmerman, who lost to Santos in He said that he received 2022 “a great deal of encouragement” Local and national Dems are available to help the race get a second chance.

Tom Suozzi is also being sought out by people who want to thank him for his retirement from the race. for To see if Suozzi might be open to getting back in the game. Suozzi did not respond to requests for comment. However, people who knew Suozzi well said that they were interested.

Dan Rosenthal has also generated buzz.
Dan Rosenthal is also a popular name.

Dan Rosenthal is a moderate member of state assembly who represents part the district. in Albany has generated buzz. Allies are already lobbying publicly for it. for him online.

“The special-election to replace #Santos will be a nationally watched race that we can’t afford to lose. Let’s pick a leader who has a proven record of getting votes on both sides of the aisle and, ahem, actually winning elections. @DanRosenthalNYC is that person,” David Greenfield (CEO of the Met Council) and ex-city councilman gushed on Twitter.

Republicans see an increasing chance for an upcoming election. special election — but are considerably less excited about it. The assumption is that they will devote most of their time responding to Santos-related fallout.

“People have approached us. People have made calls. Some have sent resumes, approximately 10 people. But we haven’t done anything nor do I intend to do anything unless there is a vacancy,” said Nassau County GOP boss Joe Cairo — who added that Santos was “done.”

Santos now faces a swirl of questions about his financial disclosures.
Santos will now be confronted with a series of questions concerning his financial disclosures.
Rod Lamkey – CNP

“He will never receive our support again,” Cairo said.

Curtis Sliwa, the party’s 2021 mayoral nominee called Santos “a dead man walking,” He stated that he thought a criminal charge would finally force him to flee.

Sliwa claimed that Santos was a party leader who had become suspicious of Cairo and had attempted to get him in a primary challenge during lunch. in February at Giulio Cesare in Westbury.

While Santos didn’t come up explicitly “they were exploring other options that’s for sure,” Sliwa recalled. He stated that he did not have an interest in Running should not be a chore. special to be called. Andrew Giuliani was also lured by state party leaders. Former gubernatorial candidate said that he was “not ruling it out” But he was. “probably more no than yes.”

Some are hoping Lee Zeldin, the GOP’s gubernatorial candidate last year whose strong showing catapulted Republicans across the state will stand up. Zeldin’s close friend said however that this idea wasn’t feasible. “not something he is considering.”

Vickie Paladino (City Councilwoman) and Stefano Forte (ex-Gov State Senate Candidate) were also considered.

“It’s come up. Obviously,” Paladino’s son Thomas said. “But she’s committed to her council seat and doing the job that she was elected to do.”