WASHINGTON: The US remains under the control and control of Democrats SenateHe won close contests in Arizona, Nevada, to win 50-49. One seat (Georgia), went into a runoff election in December, as no candidate could reach the required 50 percent vote under state laws.
The tie-breaker vote by the vice-president has seen Democrats once again beat Republicans, who were predicted to win the Senate and the 435-member House. The icing on this cake would be Georgia winning, which is a real possibility right now. This would allow Kamala Harris to stop babysitting for the Senate.
Despite this, the House results are still on the edge of disaster with Republicans struggling for the 218 majority mark. The GOP leads 211-204. With 20 seats still to be decided, mainly from the Democrat-leaning West Coast, the GOP currently leads 211-204. The GOP expects to win only a small majority. It may only win one or two seats, rather than the projected 25-50 seat lead. There is still the possibility that Democrats will retain an equal majority in House, where they previously held a five seat advantage.
The political landscape in America has been completely transformed by the shock results of mid-term elections that were one of the most successful for a party controlling the White House. The result has been bloodletting and firework. Republican The establishment GOP is dumping on Donald Trump because he lost the chance of winning, and Trumpublicans are pursuing the legislative leadership that they claim didn’t bring enough energy to the campaign.
While on vacation in East Asia, President Biden was clearly happy and smiling. “Tuesday was a good day for America and a good day for democracy—and a strong night for Democrats.” He hoped for the party to win the Georgia seat. “the bigger the number, the better.”

There are two Democrat Senators — Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema — who have often tripped up the administration’s agenda, sometimes siding with Republicans. The Democrats would also be able to control the majority of Senate committees if they get to 51. This would make it possible for them to win a majority in a situation where there would otherwise only be 50-50.
Analyses after the election suggest that Democrats were supported by voters angry at the Conservative-leaning Supreme Court decision to overturn the constitutional right of an abortion. One Republican-partisan anchor lost his marbles on TV after single women voted Democratic by a 37% margin. “Single Women and voters under 40 have been captured by Democrats. So we need these ladies to get married. And it’s time to fall in love and just settle down. Guys, go put a ring on it,” Jesse Watters of Fox News said something sexist.
Democrats also won many state legislatures and governorships on the back of liberal voter anxiety about the direction Trump’s MAGA forces are taking the country.
Trump’s power has been greatly diminished by this setback. Mainstream Republicans are now looking at Ron DeSantis (Florida governor, who won a second term with a remarkable 20 point win over a Democrat challenger, in a swing states), to face off against the former President for party nomination for White House in 2024. Trump Republicans and Trump himself have said they would wreak havoc should that happen.
“MAGA v The Republican civil war to have right now isn’t Trump vs. DeSantis, it’s us vs. McConnell, McCarthy, and McDaniel,” One Trump supporter tweeted a reference to the party’s legislative and organizational leadership.
Many expect Trump to make a major announcement Tuesday night. He will announce his candidacy for the 2024 presidential election despite the midterm setback. Although he had indicated previously that he would, President Biden said that he will decide in the early part of next year whether he will run for another term.
Biden’s position internationally will also be strengthened, in particular ahead of his meeting Monday with China’s President Xi Jinping.