What’s the One play is the most memorable a Is this a really important game? Un ace reliever’s ninth-inning strikeout? An incredible save a keeper? Overtime dunk?

This happens not often. a Call disputed by a referee.

Fans, particularly from Canada, are numerous. the Philadelphia area, are going to look back on Sunday’s Super Bowl Think about it immediately a Penalty that was called In the Minutes before your death the game. They will put it down, whether they are right or wrong. the Eagles’ 38-35 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs

It was 35 to one with just 1:54 seconds left. Kansas City was driving. the Philadelphia 15. However, it was faced with a challenge. a third-and-8 situation. Patrick Mahomes’s pass to JuJu Smith-Schuster was overthrown, so it seemed Kansas City would have to settle for a Field goal the Eagles Would you like to get? the You have almost two minutes left to win or tie the ball. the game.

However a Flag was raised, and Philadelphia’s cornerback James Bradberry was summoned for defensive holding. Kansas City was now in control. a First-and-10 the 11. the It kicked at the end a Philly had only eight seconds to score the goal.

Fans watched the show repeatedly and even obsessively. replays of the alleged penalty, a On Twitter and message boards quickly came consensus. Bradberry was certain to have touched Smith Schuster. Technically, perhaps it was defensive hold. But the Call seemed small and it was difficult to make it work. a A crucial moment appeared to be in violation of an unwritten rule. “Don’t decide a game on an insignificant penalty.”

Greg Olsen is the Fox news announcer. the Noted football fan LeBron James They were among the ones who were criticized the call. It was the Only defensive holding and pass interference calls are allowed during this period the game.

Absolutely the It is possible for calls to linger the Philadelphians are on the minds. 40 years on, Philadelphians still have local fans still rail about the linesman Leon StickleThe Islanders failed to score a goal against Connor. the Stanley Cup finals were a defeat the Flyers.

Kansas City fans would be the first to accept. the In this particular case, it is necessary to call the office. the Book, no matter what the Situation in game

Bradberry, the author took the high road, saying: “It was a holding. I tugged his jersey. I was hoping they would let it slide.” Andere Eagles Also, they declined to take responsibility the call.

“The defender grabbed the jersey with his right hand and restricted him from releasing to the outside. So, therefore, we called defensive holding,” Carl Cheffers the referee, said.

You may also call the following numbers: the Game that was contentious. There were several decisions on the validity of the catches.

Dallas Goedert is a bizarre sequence. the Eagles Catched a passed and was out of bounds. The Eagles Then snapped the Next play only for officials to rule that Philadelphia had been made a Kansas City did not have time to challenge the decision on substitution. Kansas City was able to contest the delay. the catch. The seemingly good fortune of this was abruptly reversed. the The catch was declared good. Another puzzled decision.

Closest Super Bowl You can play the Bradberry’s defensive holding call could have been in the Played between February 2013 & February 2014. the San Francisco 49ers the Baltimore Ravens. Colin Kaepernick is on fourth and final with just two seconds remaining the Incomplete pass by Niners the End zone for Michael Crabtree. He seemed to have been held in the Jimmy Smith of the Ravens. This case was different. There was no calling, so outrage broke out on both sides. It is not difficult to imagine that many people who were fighting one side in 2013 were also singing. a Different tunes 10 years later, depending on the Their team was their root.

the End, however, is a rare case in which one play truly determines the outcome. a championship. The Eagles They were severely hurt when they gave up a The first-half mishap that caused to a scoop-and-score. At the end of 10 years, you have led by 10. the half, the Eagles didn’t look the Similar in the Next 30 minutes either way the ball. And Kansas City’s final drive came a It was all too easy. There were many to be blamed.

“There were multiple other moments in that game to take care of business, and I think that we were close,” Eagles Center Jason Kelce said. “We could have won that game without that call being the determining factor.”

These people will always play, but that won’t stop them. the would’ve-could’ve-should’ve game and wind up pointing the finger at a They believe that the call should not have been given.