Andy is your best friend and you need a camera. If you’re a Bravoholic, you may have heard the rumor that Vanderpump Rules‘ Tom Sandoval Cheated on Ariana Madix Raquel Leviss.

Tom, Ariana Raquel These are the three major cast members on Vanderpump RulesBravo’s reality television series, and its spinoff The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. TomAnd he is an original cast member. ArianaAfter joining the main cast in season 2, he began dating after that. Tom’s breakup with cast member Kristen Doute. Raquel In season 9, she was the cast member James Kennedy’s girlfriend. Raquel James and James became engaged in Season 9, but their marriage ended after the finale.

Breaking News on That was March 3, 2023. Tom Ariana After rumors that he had cheated, he and his wife split after nearly 10 years of marriage. on With Raquel. “Ariana is heartbroken. Ariana was there for Raquel during the James breakup,” Source: Page Six At the time, he added that Ariana Was “blindsided by the cheating.” So…did Tom Sandoval cheat on Ariana Madix Raquel Leviss? Read on For what we know Tom, Ariana Raquel’s cheating scandal and what the Vanderpump Rules casting has made about Tom cheating on Ariana With Raquel.

Did Tom Sandoval cheat on Ariana Madix Raquel Leviss?

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Did Tom Sandoval cheat on Ariana Madix Raquel Leviss? Yes. TMZ reported on That was March 3, 2023. Vanderpump Rules Stars Tom Ariana After he had sex with his co-star, they broke up. Raquel. Sources tell TMZ Ariana Learned about the cheating on March 1, 2023. And it was broken up with Tom soon after. TMZ further reported that the once Vanderpump Rules‘ production learned that Tom cheated on Ariana, producers decided to restart filming with the cast to document the aftermath of the scandal with the goal of including it in season 10, which was airing at the time news of Tom and Raquel’s affair broke. Sources told TMZ also that the affair broke. Tom Ariana It was on The outspoken relationship between them for some time before the scandal.

Page Six This was confirmed Ariana Learned Tom Cheated on With Raquel on March 1, 2023: She attended his concert along with his cover band. Tom Sandoval & the Most Extras, at his and his co-star Tom Schwartz’s restaurant, TomTom, in Los Angeles, California. “Ariana is heartbroken. Ariana was there for Raquel during the James [Kennedy] breakup,” Source: Page Six, referencing Raquel’s breakup with her Vanderpump Rules James as James, 2021 Insider reports that Ariana Was “blindsided by the cheating” It feels good “betrayed” By RaquelShe considered her friend a “friend.”

Another source claimed that Tom Raquel It was “communicating inappropriately for months” Now! “want to be together.” “Ariana and Tom have been affectionate in public recently,” According to an insider. “Ariana had no idea there were any issues.” Source also confirms that Vanderpump Rules Soon after the production team learned, they began filming again. Tom Raquel’s affair. “Cameras are rolling,” A source stated. “The majority of the cast is expected to gather and film tomorrow to share their reactions to Raquel and Sandoval’s affair. Mostly everyone is shook and completely heartbroken for Ariana.” 

The story of the infamous “The Assassination Squad” is a fascinating one. Vanderpump Rules Cast a response to Tom Sandoval cheating on Ariana Madix Raquel?

The story of the infamous “The Assassination Squad” is a fascinating one. Vanderpump Rules Cast a response to Tom Sandoval cheating on Ariana Madix Raquel Leviss? After receiving news about Tom, Ariana Raquel’s cheating scandal on March 3, 2023 Raquel’s ex-boyfriend, James Kennedy (who has starred on Vanderpump Rules since season 2), shared an Instagram post of a screenshot of TMZ’s article. He wrote in the comments: “Hope you all feel as sick as I do. This explains everything.”

Logan Cochran from TomTom, who was featured on Vanderpump Rules, commented on James’ post, “These two are THE most vile subhumans I’ve ever met.” James responded, “CORRECT,” to Logan’s comment. Lala Kent (who has starred on Vanderpump Rules since season 4)Comment, “I’ve been telling y’all! Everyone said I was a ‘bully’. It’s called YOU TRIGGER ME AND I SEE YOU FOR WHO YOU ARE! I’ve known these two are disgusting from the jump.” Ariana’s brother, Jeremy Madix, who has also been featured on Vanderpump Rules, commented, “It’s funny to watch people social climb and be soooooooo fake that they’re willing to shit on people that are supposed to be their ‘best friend’ ( a term that gets thrown around very often around here) all just to come up or have some sort of story line. This lifestyle and this group is beyond toxic and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. All just for clout from a corny ass network like BravoTV 😂. Toms a try hard having a midlife crisis with his cringy band and Raquel has faked her way to the top trying to make something of her life willing to step on whoever to get there starting with James. Sell out type lame shit. Let’s all remember that Raquel was a fan of the show before all of this. Does anyone pay attention?”

Katie Maloney has been a star on Vanderpump Rules Two clown emojis have been posted since Season 1 on She also has an Instagram Story. Andy Cohen is the host of The Vanderpump Rules reunions, tweeted, “How many parts is too many parts for the #pumprules reunion???” A siren emoticon was also sent by him.

Kristen Doute, Tom’s ex-girlfriend who starred on Vanderpump Rules From season 1 through 8, she took to her Instagram Story following the announcement of Tom, Ariana Raquel’s cheating scandal. “I don’t know why I need to make this clear, but there are so many people right now wondering if this is making me happy. You guys, Ariana and I have been good friends for many, many years now. So I am Team Ariana all the way, every day. That’s what’s up.” The video was captioned by her. “Karma is indeed coming. So Raquel should just move home.”Also, she captioned an Instagram Story. “What do I think? I’m #TeamAriana 25/8.”

Tom Schwartz has been a star on Vanderpump Rules From season 1 to kissed Raquel Season 10: on This is his Instagram Story “I asked my magic 8 ball if it was going to be a chill day 💀” A photo of his Magic 8 ball was also included. “My reply is no.”

Vanderpump Rules Streaming is possible on Peacock. Here’s how to watch it for free.

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