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Dina Manzo‘s daughter, Lexi IoannouTickTok recently confirmed that she received a nose job.

She also shared the story of her broken nose. LexiThe mother of a child, pictured with her daughter on The Real Housewives of New Jersey Years ago, she reacted six weeks later to the results by stating that her body was now “unrecognizable”. “so happy” With the new look of her nose.

“Storytime on how I broke my nose and my nose job. When I was seven or eight, I was playing in the backyard with my cousin Christopher, and he threw out a baseball and swung a bat around, and I was behind him, and he hit me in the face, and he shattered my nose,” Lexi In her video, she began. “It was so bad. There was blood everywhere. We didn’t even know what was broken.”

Mom was too young to understand the situation. Dina didn’t want her to get it fixed. Years later, though, her chronic fatigue had left her feeling exhausted. Lexi She discovered her broken bones had blocked her airways.

“[My chiropractor] said to me, ‘You’re not getting enough oxygen to your brain because you broke your nose and there’s bones blocking the passageway. So I said, ‘Okay, I’m gonna get a consult to Raj Kanodia, the best of the best,’” She shared.

She also visited the plastic surgeon during this visit. Lexi It was discovered that her breathing rate in each nostril was only 40 percent.

“I said, ‘Sign me up. Let’s do the damn thing.’ I got my surgery six weeks ago. I’m six weeks post-opp, and honestly, I’m really, really happy with the results,” Lexi revealed.

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Keep going. Lexi said she’s super happy with the results of her nose job because it didn’t change the look of her face.

“I feel like me. I look like me. Most people don’t even know that I had it done,” She elaborated. “The only difference is the bump from it being broken is gone. Obviously, I can breathe better, [but] it kept the integrity of my nose, which I’m so happy with. I was really scared that I was gonna look different, and I truly look the same, which is exactly what I wanted, just a little bit better, without the bump.”

“I’m so happy,” Elle added.

RHONJ Dina Manzo Daughter Lexi Before After Nose Job Pics


As a response to the video announcement RHONJ Alum Dina A simple comment was made.

“Beauty,” She wrote.

RHONJ Dina Manzo Reacts to Daughter Lexi Nose Job

Dina This article appeared on The Real Housewives of New Jersey In a regular role for seasons two, three, and six. Season four, she was in a less prominent role.