Discord is slowing down graphics Card memory clocks some Nvidia GPUs. The most recent Discord A bug has been introduced that causes the update to slow down down Memory clocks up to 200Hz some Nvidia Models, such as the RTX 3080 Ti and RTX 3060 Ti. Nvidia says it’s working on a fix.

Reddit users And Linus Tech Tips forum It was discovered by several posters. Nvidia The problem was quickly identified and a solution offered. Download a GeForce3D profile manager now to find out if your memory clocks have dropped by as much as 200Hz. Here are the full details available in an Nvidia support article, but if you’re willing to wait, Nvidia says a fix will be sent to users’ PCs “via an over the air update at a later date.”

Discord Recent started rolling out an update That allows you to stream AV1 with GeForce RX40-series GeForce GeForce. cards. It appears that this update introduced memory clock issues. some RTX 30-series cardsRTX40-series, Reddit users cards haven’t experienced the same slowdowns.

It Discord Updates began rolling out last Wednesday, allowing RTX40-series owners streaming with AV1 up to 4K or 60fps. Discord Nitro at 8Mbps. Discord users that don’t have a GPU capable of decoding AV1 will see an H.264 stream, as Discord Uses P2P streaming to automatically switch to H.264, so that everyone can view it.