As a result, the pay of many CEOs has soared. the U.S. economy was You can wiggle out the Pandemic COVID-19, in which shareholders had been exercising their “say-on-pay” Vote by making companies hold their ground the Line on executive compensation packages in 2021: A record number of S&P 500 companies They were unable to obtain shareholder majority support CEO Packages for payment

Now, the The latest annual ranking is now available “overpaid” One CEO has made more than $200,000,000 in his career. “excess pay,” He should be considered first the chiefs at a who’s who of giants in the Technology, luxury and service sectors. 

Warner Bros. Discovery Chief executive David Zaslav Claim the He was promoted to the top after receiving $232.6million in excess pay. the Shareholder advocacy as You Sow published Thursday. He received $246.7 Million in total compensation. He received a large portion of the Pay came from the options that were held by the CEO Prior to the Discovery’s merger with WarnerMedia, Reuters reported.

Warner Bros. Media The Sunday Review That the Compensation reflects the Extend of Zaslav’s employment agreement to ensure his long-term leadership of Warner Bros. Discovery. “The vast majority of the headline number is theoretical because it is based on a one-time options grant that only starts to provide financial benefit to Mr. Zaslav if WBD’s stock price more than doubles, representing in excess of $50 billion of additional value for shareholders,” the Company stated.

Zaslav was Jay Snowden was followed closely by Fabrizio Fenio, CEO of Estee Lauder cosmetics, and Penn National Gaming entertainment and gaming, Jay Snowden.

The report uses three data metrics from S&P 500 companies to identify how overpaid CEOs are—the “excess” Pay is calculated by a statistical regression of shareholder return and CEO pay; the Proportion of votes against the CEO’s pay; and the difference between median workers’ pay and the CEO’s pay. These data are then compiled, ranked and identified. the most overpaid The chief executives.

Tech giants

To the First time As You Sow has reported on this issue overpaid Nine years ago, the chief executives of technology giants Amazon and Apple were making it to their tops. the List, which occupy the ninth and tenth places. 

Seattle, Wash.-based E-commerce Giant paid for its CEO Andrew Jassy who assumed control the In mid-2021 Jeff Bezos gave the reins to his son, earning him a total of $212.7million. He received $197.3million in excess pay. the total. Apple CEO Tim Cook was In 2021 Cook was paid $82.9million in overpay, and $98.7million in salary. Cook has recently reduced his compensation by 40% over the fiscal year 2023.

According to the report, CEO Pay and the gap between employee and pay have been growing over time. the years. Average pay the “100 Most Overpaid CEOs” For 2021 was $38 million higher by 30.6% from last year’s average. Furthermore, the All CEOs’ total compensation the S&P 500 companies totalled $7.7 billion per year, of which nearly half the Pay goes to the 100 the CEOs included in As You Sow’s report. 

“The continuous, exorbitant increases in executive compensation over the past four decades typify a rigged system that benefits the wealthy at the expense of workers, and the rest of us,” said Robert Reich, the Former U.S. Secretary for Labor statement

However, some executives’ pay has been changed by shareholders at certain companies. For instance, at the video games company Activision Blizzard, the CEO Compensation was Revised to approximately $83,000 in 2021 After 44% shareholder votes against, CEO Robert Kotick’s pay package, which was Over $150 Million in 2020 the report highlighted.

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