Instead of “taking off like a rocket” after his announcement last month that he’s running again for the presidency, Donald Trump Instead, it appears to be “blowing up on the launchpad,” Guardian David Smith, a political analyst, jokingly shared a unforgiving story on Friday.

While Trump’s blunt-speaking angry-man schtick might have appeared fresh and new the first time he campaigned, the “swagger of 2016 has given way to somnolence in 2022,” Smith also pointed out Trump’s host of legal trouble, dismal GOP performance in the midterms, and his own appalling “self sabotage.”

Trump followed his shocking dinner last month at Mar-a-Lago with antisemitic Kanye West — who now goes by Ye — and his white supremacist and Holocaust-denying pal Nick Fuentes with a call to terminate the Constitution so he could be anointed president.

Smith’s attack was just the latest in the press about Trump’s lackluster campaign launch, which many have seen as the sorriest among candidates in a long time.

Trump He has barely been to Mar-a-Lago since the announcement of his campaign, apart from to play golf at his local course. The Washington Post reported. He’s largely ensconced in a hermetically sealed echo chamber of sycophants, spiraling into another dimension and “increasingly isolated within his party,” the newspaper noted — and alienating voters.

Even conservatives have had enough.

“The former president presents our biggest risk of losing for 2024, and conservatives are tired of losing,” Bob Vander Plaats was the leader of Family Leader in Iowa, according to the Post. “Even the former president’s announcement is being greeted like it never happened. There’s no buzz amongst my network at all.”

After Trump was roundly blasted for hosting Ye — who later told Alex Jones on his podcast that he “likes” Hitler “loves” Nazis — Trump On Friday, the doubled down and said it was the Jewish community complaining that should be “ashamed” Because he was so friendly to Israel, I was disloyal to him.

“It couldn’t be going any worse,” Allan Lichtman is a history professor at American University, Washington. He spoke to The Guardian about Trump’s new campaign. “And it’s not because Donald Trump is making mistakes. It’s because Donald Trump is being Donald Trump.”

Trump This was “something new and fresh and interesting back in 2016,” Lichtman said. He has however, since. “presided over three disastrous election cycles for Republicans in 2018, 2020 and 2022, and he’s the same old Donald Trump, caring only about himself, wrapped up in his own grievances and his own whining. It’s just not playing anymore for the American people.”

Trump’s critical niece, Mary Trump, believes her uncle It is changing — he’s getting worse, and traveling further “down the rabbit hole,” On Saturday, she spoke with Alex Witt of MSNBC. (See the video below).

“Everything Donald does is transactional,” Mary Trump, who’s a psychologist. “One of the things we need to realize about him is he is sort of a black hole of need. And when he’s not getting what he wants from some people — I think in this case the majority of the Republicans in Congress who have had enough and sort of see him as electoral poison — he will go wherever he needs to in order to get his fix, which is attention and sycophancy.”

It “doesn’t matter how extreme; [it’s] whatever works,” She continued. “This has been going on since 2015. The difference is that he just needs to go farther and farther down the rabbit hole because fewer and fewer people are willing to stand up for him publicly.”

Taylor Budowich is the MAGA Inc. superPAC supporter TrumpAccording to the Washington Post: Trump will step on the campaign gas — soon.

“President Trump entered the race three weeks ago ready to win and he is going to do exactly that — no amount of wishful thinking from the media … will change it,” Budowich said.

Trump It is “building one of the most ruthless and talented teams in American politics, and he is the only person in the country who is ready and capable of reversing America’s decline,” Budowich stated.