OXON HILL Md. — Donald Trump topped the straw poll of declared and likely 2024 presidential candidates at this week’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) — a shock to no one who has followed the increasingly TrumpRecent years have seen a large number of activists from the United States.

Trump With 62% of all votes, he was clear victor in the survey asking who respondents would back if they were to vote in the 2024 presidential primaries. Florida governor came in 2nd place. Ron DeSantis (R), with 20%. DeSantis is widely regarded as Trump’s chief rival, has yet to declare his candidacy officially. He is expected to be in Iowa this month as the Republican’s first presidential nominee. However, his campaign war chest is substantial. Roughly 2000 CPAC The poll was voted for online by conference attendees using their credentials.

Kari lake, 2022 Arizona Republican Governor-Elect nominee, spoke many times at CPACVice president, he was the most popular choice. 20% of the respondents stated that Lake should be their vice president. Trump’s running mate.

Assistance for Trump had noticeably softened from last year’s poll when Trump He was the top pick for the hypothetical matchup with over 85% of those surveyed naming him their number one choice for GOP nominee.

CPAC hosts conferences nationwide and internationally throughout the year, but the late-winter event is historically the country’s biggest gathering of conservative activists. Saturday’s poll preceded Trump’s keynote speech and was the first taken for the organization since Trump In November, he launched his third presidential campaign. The results showed that people are willing to spend about $300 on a presidential campaign. CPAC Tickets are still available for purchase Trump, far more than in other national polls from the field of 2024.

“We believe in the man, and we want him to win in his terms bigly,” Allyse Wolf was a Texan who made one-fifth of a group whose jackets spelled T-R-U–M-P. “A lot of people say, ‘I don’t like the way he tweets’ or ‘I don’t like the way he talks about people.’ Who cares? As long as he does the job of getting this country back on its feet and where it belongs.”

Ruth Goetz is a Maryland GOP central Committee member, wearing bright, homemade red. Trump 2024 dress, said she didn’t get the impression that any other 2024 candidate had a major base of support. “I’m wearing a Trump 2024 dress, so it’s all they talk to me about,” Goetz said. ”[Trump] He did so many things for the country. He accomplished so much.”

Trump’s possible opponents mostly avoided the conference, and the reception wasn’t necessarily warm for those who did show up. Trump Former Republican South Carolina Governor was accosted by backers Nikki Haley after her speech, NBC News reported. Vivek, an anti-woke activist, had a speaking solo slot. He barely registered at the 1% mark, as did Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul. Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was also there. Only 22% CPAC The attendees weren’t sure.

Perry Johnson (a Michigan businessman) was the surprise of all. 5% said they would vote to elect him today. CPAC A huge supporter bus was there. Johnson defeated Haley Trump’s former U.N. ambassador, by 2 percentage points.