Carbon offsets do not have an impressive track record.

The mountain is a mountain. research You can find out more about this by clicking here. investigations have shown that in most cases, offsets don’t actually reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Yet companies continue to use offsets in order to be able claim they are reducing greenhouse gas emissions. “carbon neutral” Without necessarily reducing pollution.

Most offsets are tied to tree-planting schemes, and the idea is that the trees will capture carbon dioxide to cancel out some of a company’s emissions. Tree plantations can destroy natural landscapes, which could be detrimental to the initiative. or Displacement of local communities. Even though the correct seedlings may be planted at appropriate sites, they may not live long enough for them to have a significant impact on climate change.

Apple might call them this to counter the bad press these offsets receive. “high-quality, nature-based carbon removal projects” In a recent announcement The best way to prepare for the future is by planning ahead. Earth Day. Apple’s expanding a fund to try to restore forests and other ecosystems, but these are essentially just carbon offset projects with a fancier label.