Egypt On Thursday, dozens of new products were unveiled new Two ancient archaeological finds were discovered. tombsAt a Pharaonic Necropolis outside the capital Cairo.
These artifacts were discovered over a period of one year. excavationThese were located beneath an enclosure of ancient stone near the Saqqara Pyramids and Date back to fifth and The Old Kingdom’s sixth and seventh dynasties spanned approximately 2500 B.C. to about 2100 B.C. EgyptMinistry of Tourism and Antiquities said.
One of the undiscovered tombs It belonged the priest of the Fifth Dynasty, Khnumdjedef. The other large tomb was owned by Meri, a Palace official, who held the title “the keeper of the secrets,” The ministry stated. Additional major findings were also made by the ministry. excavation You can also include amulets and statues. and A well-preserved specimen sarcophagus.

Following the news of the discovery and restoration of antiquities by an Egyptian archaeologist, tombs in EgyptThe Saqara Necropolis in Giza
EgyptThe most well-known archaeologist in the world and Director of the excavationZahi Hawass personally revealed the details new Gisr al-Mudir, the stone enclosure that was discovered.
“I put my head inside to see what was inside the sarcophagus: A beautiful mummy of a man completely covered in layers of gold,” Hawass added.
Part of an extensive necropolis, the Saqara site forms part. Egypt’s ancient capital of Memphis that includes the famed Giza Pyramids as well as smaller pyramids at Abu Sir, Dahshur and Abu Ruwaysh. Memphis’ ruins were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in The 1970s.
The unveiling of Thursday comes amid an explosion of activity new Egyptian officials announced the discovery over the week. Authorities said that they discovered dozens of burials sites dating back to 1800 B.C. near Luxor. Between 1800 B.C. and 1600 B.C. It said that nearby was the remains of an ancient Roman city.


After the revelation of the 4,300-year old sealed tomb, a general view of the inside of the tomb is taken. tombs in EgyptThe Saqara Necropolis in Giza
A separate announcement was made Tuesday by scientists at Cairo University. They revealed previously unpublished details about a teenage boy mummified around 300 B.C. Scientists were able shed new light on the subject by using CT scans. new The intricate details of his amulets, which were incorporated into his mummified body, shed light on the boy’s social standing. and He was buried in the same type as his mother.
Egypt The country boasts of its historical discoveries often to draw more tourists. This is a major source of foreign currency in the cash-strapped North African nation. After the political chaos, this sector experienced a prolonged downturn. and Violence that followed an uprising in 2011
EgyptThe coronavirus pandemic also affected’s tourism industry and Is currently suffering the consequences of war in Ukraine. Russia and Ukraine and Ukraine was once a major tourist destination. Egypt.