As El Paso The Texas city is the top destination for illegal immigrants trying to cross into the US. Residents in the Texas city claim that illegal immigrants are invading their homes and possibly carrying weapons.

“It’s real bad because sometimes there’s up to 10, 15 of them running all over,” Luis Lujan lives in close proximity to El Paso’s Ascarate Park, less than two miles from the borderThe Post was informed by.

Lujan resides in this area. migrants You can either climb up or down the border You can either wallow or make holes in the barrier measuring nine feet that divides the US and Mexico.

Lujan noticed first immigrants in his hometown. neighborhood They ran through the streets of London two years ago. neighborhood They are able to evade Border Patrol. He said they often end up hiding in people’s yards.

“Ever since Biden said, ‘Come on over,’ they’re coming over,” Lujan stated. “This was like a freeway to them.”

Lujan’s neighbors are mostly elderly residents with You have to be able to support your family with modest incomes. He said they reported illegal immigrants to the US Border Patrol.

El Paso It is now the best place to cross the border for immigrants borderAccording to statistics from the US Border Patrol, it is a.
The US Border Patrol divides the southern border of the US into sectors. The El Paso sector, which includes El Paso and New Mexico, was the busiest in the month of October.
The US Border Patrol divides southern border Of the US into segments. The El Paso sector, which also includes El Paso New Mexico was the busiest month in October.

“They’re afraid — we don’t know if they’re going to break into our houses,” He stated. “We don’t confront them because we don’t know if they have guns. We don’t know if they have knives.”

According to the FBI, in October, a Border Patrol agent was attacked, dragged, and punched while chasing illegal immigrants near Ascarate Park. Yeleixy Fuentes (27-year-old) and Kevin Escalona Gonzalez (35 year old Venezuelans) were taken into custody. with Attacking the federal agent

“Assaults on Border Patrol agents or any other federal agents … will not be tolerated and will be addressed swiftly by our office so they can continue to carry out their sworn duty to protect our communities,” FBI El Paso Jeffrey R. Downey is Special Agent in Charge

Once they have passed the border wall, the immigrants have to cross Loop 375 — also known as the Border Highway. Cars traveling on the six-lane highway don’t expect pedestrians on the road, and sometimes hit the people as they run across the expressway.

Luis Lujan, a baker, often sees immigrants running through his neighborhood as they try to evade capture by the US Border Patrol.
Luis Lujan, a Baker, sees many immigrants running through his streets. neighborhood As they attempt to evade capture from the US Border Patrol.
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On Thursday, a Guatemalan man and five others were killed. migrants They ran across the Border Highway. reported KFOX-TV. The hospital pronounced the victim, a 52-year-old immigrant.

“The cars are going 60, 70 miles an hour and they get hit,” said neighbor Alfred Subia– who said he has known of many immigrants to get hit at night.

Alongside illegal border Many crossers have been refused entry to the US. They rely on cartels for smuggling them. El Paso In October, more than 53,000 people attempted to cross from Mexico, making it the busiest area in the country. according to Border Patrol statistics. They also released 5,327 people who they believed had a right stay in the country to continue processing into the community. according to El Paso’s statistics.

Lujan predicts an increase of immigrants after Dec. 21, when Title 42, which has been used for ejecting, will be in effect. migrants From the US.

Migrants huddle for warmth before attempting to cross the border.
Before crossing the border, migrants huddle together to get warm before trying to move. border.
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The Rio Grande is a popular spot for migrants to attempt the crossing.
Rio Grande is a popular spot. migrants You can attempt to cross the border.
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Migrants pick through a pile of donated clothes.
Migrants go through a stack of donated clothes.
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The Trump-era policy permits the Border Patrol currently to kick out approximately 40% of the immigrant who cross the border. border migrants From Mexico, Venezuela, and other Central and South American nations. According to estimates, 18,000 migrants cross the southern border each day. border After Title 42 has been retired.

“Oh, hell no– that’s a big mistake,” Lujan. “They’re sleeping on the streets. We don’t have enough shelters for them. Why are you letting them in? It’s doesn’t make sense.”

Since August, the sixth-largest Lone Star State city has been handling with A sharp rise in immigration has threatened to bring down city services.

Shelters El Paso were bursting at the seams, leading to immigrants being released into the streets where they slept for days—something that had never happened before in the border city.

Elderly residents of El Paso's lower valley say they lock their doors to keep illegal immigrants out.
For the elderly El Paso’s lower valley say they lock their doors to keep illegal immigrants out.
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Asylum seekers cross the border into El Paso, helping a wheelchair bound child over the Rio Grande.
Asylum seekers cross the border border To El PasoHelping a wheelchair-bound child across the Rio Grande
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To keep immigrants away El Paso Streets, and the city opened a migrant reception center that bused almost 14,000 asylum seekers. migrants Chicago and New York City. After spending $9 million on the projects, the city decided to stop them and receive reimbursement from the federal government.

This has led to renewed calls from some council members to declare an emergency and ask for state assistance, which the town’s mayor, Oscar Leeser, has been reluctant to do.