Ever since Theranos People are still wondering what happened after the company was shut down. Elizabeth Holmes’ net worth. The former CEO and founder of the now-defunct Silicon Valley health technology company was once the world’s youngest self-made billionaire women. Now, however, Elizabeth Holmes’ net worth looks awfully different.

Holmes Born in Washington, D.C. on February 3, 1984. Noel, her mother, was a Congressional staffer. Christian, her dad was a vice President at Enron and then moved to government positions at agencies such as USAID. She was just a little girl when she met her father, Christian. Holmes Her family moved from Washington, D.C., to Houston, Texas. Even as a youngster, Holmes Ingenious, he filled entire notebooks with sketches for plans and designs. “What I really want out of life is to discover something new, something that mankind didn’t know was possible to do,” She wrote a letter to her dad when she was nine years old.

Through high school, Holmes He was known for staying up late to study and had a habit in general of being up until midnight every night. She quickly rose to the top in her class and started her own business selling C++ compilers (software which interprets computer code). Holmes After taking Mandarin classes in high school, she convinced Stanford University to accept her into their summer program. This resulted in a trip in Beijing.

It was at this time that Holmes decided she wanted to pursue medicine like her great-great-grandfather, a surgeon. She quickly discovered that needles scared her. Later, Holmes She revealed that it was this passion that inspired her to start her business. TheranosThe company aimed to revolutionize blood testing by using technology that required only a finger pinch to detect medical conditions such as high cholesterol or cancer.

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Following her Stanford summer program, Holmes She decided to apply for a degree in chemical engineering at the university. After her freshman year, she spent the summer interning at the Genome Institute of Singapore where she tested blood samples to determine if SARS-CoV-1 was present. She filed her first patent application in her sophomore year for a wearable drug-delivery device patch. Real-Time Cures was her company that would become known as “Real-Time Cures”. Theranos. She dropped out of Stanford the following semester to continue her research with them. Theranos Full time.

This was only the beginning. Elizabeth Holmes’ net worth would soon begin to soar; at least before it plummeted once again. Everything we know about the events of Elizabeth Holmes’ net worth—from how much she stole over the years, to how much she’s worth today—just keep on reading ahead.

How It was a lot of money Elizabeth Holmes steal?

After the launch Theranos, Holmes Channing Roberston, a former Stanford advisor introduced her to venture capitalists. The young entrepreneur was able to quickly secure funding from prominent investors and raised approximately $6 million in venture capital before the end of 2004. It is believed that the company grew steadily over the following decade. Holmes Over $700 million of funding has been accumulated Theranos.

For many years Theranos The technology she used was secretly kept under wraps. There was no website for the company or press releases. Investors weren’t given any information about its workings. It wasn’t until 2013 that the public face of Theranos It grew after it partnered up with Walgreens in the establishment of in-store blood collection centers. It was at this time that Holmes Her appearances on panels, talks and covers made her a headline-grabbing figure. Fortune  ForbesShe was dubbed the youngest woman to have become a billionaire by Forbes at the age of thirty. Her company TheranosAt its peak,, was reported to have a valuation of $9 billion.

But something wasn’t quite adding up. Ian Gibbons Theranos’ chief scientist and one of the company’s earliest hires, found flaws in the company technology and expressed concerns to Holmes that tests weren’t ready for the general public to use, according to a Vanity Fair Nick Bilton, investigative report External experts started to share their reservations. Theranos. These doubts came to a head in 2015, when medical research professor John Ioannidis, and later Eleftherios Diamandis, questioned the validity of her company’s technology.

Later in the year Wall Street Journal John Carreyrou, reporter, published a damning investigative piece into Theranos, which alleged that the company’s blood-testing machine, Edison, was not capable of providing accurate testing results. Instead, Theranos It used traditional blood testing machines to conduct its tests. It is claimed that Holmes In an effort to raise capital, she knew this, but continued to lie to doctors, investors, and patients.

Follow these steps: WSJ Report: FDA opened an investigation into Theranos. Multiple violations of FDA Title 21 Regulations were observed in the 2015 investigation. In January 2016, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services launched an investigation into allegations of a fraudulent use of Medicare Title 21 Regulations. Theranos California in Newark laboratory where they found irregularities in testing. CMS was officially banned months later Holmes Two years of owning or operating an operational clinical blood-testing lab. In the future, Theranos The company was still facing a series of legal challenges and sanctions by multiple medical authorities, state- and federal organizations, investors, and patients. In September 2018, the company that remained was dissolution after years of litigations.

What is it? Elizabeth Holmes’ net worth?

Now, what? Elizabeth Holmes’ net worth today? After the fall Theranos, Elizabeth Holmes’ net worth went from a reported $4.5 billion to $0 as of 2022, according to Forbes. The former company’s founder and CEO was also charged with fraud by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), alongside former company president Ramesh “Sunny” Balwani, 2018. In 2018, Balwani was indicted by the United States Attorney for Northern California. Holmes Balwani was charged with conspiracy and wire fraud.

Holmes’ trial was originally scheduled to begin in August 2020, but was delayed following her pregnancy. Her trial began one year later in August 2021. On January 3, 20,22 Holmes Three counts of wirefraud and one count each of conspiracy to commit fraud were found against her. She was sentenced to 11 year and three months imprisonment, beginning on April 27, 2023.

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Bad Blood Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup

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Find out more Elizabeth Holmes, check out Wall Street Journal reporter John Careyrou’s 2018 book, Bad Blood: Secrets, Lies, and Bad Blood in Silicon Valley Startups. The book—which The New York Times described as “chilling” The same can be said “reads like a thriller”—tells the story of Elizabeth HolmesSteve Jobs was an entrepreneur in health tech who was known for her company. TheranosThis startup raised over $9 billion and promised to revolutionize medicine through single-drop blood testing. Here’s the national bestseller Holmes She allegedly defrauded investors, and put patients at high risk by misdiagnoses and unneeded treatments using her defective technology. The book also examines how Holmes and her partner, Sunny Balwani, worked to silence anyone who voiced their criticism—including Theranos’ own employees.

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