Disgraced Theranos Chief Executive Officer Elizabeth Holmes Another reason she is attractive to her husband? Her recently-born baby. should Be allowed delay The beginning of more than 11 years prison Sentence while her attorneys appeal her conviction for duping investors about the capabilities of her failed company’s blood-testing technology.

The birth Holmes’ second child was confirmed in court documents filed last week in advance of a March 17 hearing about her bid to remain free during an appeals process that could take years to complete.

The filing didn’t disclose the date of the birth or the child’s gender, but the news isn’t a surprise. Holmes, 38, was pregnant at the time of her Nov. 18 sentencing In the San Jose courtroom, California where she was convicted by a jury on four felonies fraud

This delay caused the start of this trial to be delayed. Holmes She could have her first son. Holmes William was her partner. She had the two children she shared with William. “Billy” Evans. Evans was her business partner and ex-love Ramesh. She had broken up with Ramesh in 2016. “Sunny” Balwani, who is convicted on 12 counts of fraud and conspiracy You can also try it in an additional trial.

Balwani, aged 57, also tries to persuade U.S. district Judge Edward Davila delay The beginning of his nearly 13-year prison sentence. Hearing on his request was held earlier this month, but Davila hasn’t issued a ruling yet.

Holmes isn’t citing her two children as the only reason she should Be allowed to leave prison During her appeal. She is arguing that she was guilty of a series of missteps and other abuses during her trial. Her attorneys also point to Holmes’ unblemished record while she has been free on bail during the four-and-half years since her criminal indictment as evidence that she isn’t a flight risk or a danger to the community.

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