Elon Musk is Actively searching for a new chief Executive Officer for Twitter Inc., CNBC’s David Faber reported, after Billionaire lost a straw poll he Posted on The social media platform that asked users whether they wanted to be a part of the next generation he Should be resigned his Rolle as The head of the business.

There were more than 10 million votes or 57.5% in favor This is Musk According to Monday’s results, the decision was made to step down. Musk committed to abide by These are the final results he The survey was launched, but only a third of the respondents were able to complete it. a Day later he More than 10 tweets were sent without directly responding to the result. Musk Responded to a Twitter: poll Bots may have used this to manipulate the data a single word: “interesting.”

Announcing a new One of the following policy moves is made: his First Tweets after The poll, Musk Twitter Voting restrictions on Paying major policy decisions Twitter Blue subscribers.

Answering a Unfiltered boss, Blue member Musk agreed With the recommendation that subscribers only should have a Participate in the development of future policies and say “Twitter will make that change.” Twitter Blue was attracted to about 140,000 subscribers as As of November 15, The New York Times had reported.

The billionaire was born earlier. pledged To submit any future policy decisions a You can vote Twitter Users a Choice on Leaders, ask them what they think. he Should step down as the CEO of the company he Octobre, October: for $44 billion.

Musk’s dramatic offer came shortly after he Attended the World Cup final match at Qatar. a Trending Topics: as “VOTE YES” “CEO of Twitter.” He didn’t identify an alternative leader and went so far as to say anyone capable of doing the job wouldn’t want it.

Musk It has been warned Twitter is at high risk of bankruptcy and initiated a “hardcore” Work environment for Rest of the workers after a Staff have been drastically reduced. There has been a drastic reduction in staff. his The helm is occupied for no more than two months he Has spooked advertisers, alienated Twitter’s most ardent creators and turned the service from a The main topic is reflected in the news of today.

The initial poll, Musk, who’s also chief Tesla Inc. executive officer, tweeted promotional material for Car company for Twitter’s Blue for Services for business. His response to the article was also appreciated. about rival Toyota Motor Corp.’s criticism of electric vehicles with a Simple “Wow.”

Tesla’s stock is the most valuable. Musk’s most valuable holding, has plummeted since the Twitter Acquisition and criticisms are argued he’s spending too much time on The social media company. At 11:42, shares fell 5.1% a.m. New York

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