Elon Musk’s fortune continues to take a Beating a week after he lost He was a good spot as the world’s richest person.

He lost $7.7 million in net worth billion After Tesla on Tuesday shares Their steepest single-day loss was recorded since October.

This selloff only adds to the problems of MuskWho is it? lost His status as the world’s richest person to luxury tycoon Bernard Arnault on Dec. 13. Musk’s losses for the year Now total $122.6 billionThe amount exceeded he His fortune rocketed and he was ranked among the most powerful people in history in 2021. The Tesla chief executive officer’s net worth is now $147.7 billionThe lowest since more than 2 years according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

Musk’s fortune is primarily comprised of Tesla options and stock. The automaker’s spiraling shares pose a particular risk for Musk51-year-old who leveraged more of His position was to finance the acquisition of Twitter, October 

Tesla shareholder have raised alarm about Tesla’s increasing profits Musk’s preoccupation with Twitter, which he’s attempting to lead through a He posted a messy, but public turnaround. He wrote a Twitter Poll: Users are asked to vote for whether he Should step down as Head of The social platform. Nearly 58% of The 17.5 Million respondents spoke out he should.

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