Apple Has “fully resumed” Advertising on The Twitter Social network Twitter CEO Elon Musk Today during a 2-hour period Twitter Spaces chat highlighted Bloomberg. Musk Also confirmed: Apple Is TwitterThe largest advertiser in the country.

It was just five days ago. Musk Indicted Apple Of hating “free speech,” “making moderation demands,” The end of ad spend, which caused a flood of press coverage about the potential conflict between Apple Twitter. Musk This was publicly claimed. Apple Had “mostly stopped” Advertising on Twitter And that it had also threatened “withhold Twitter from its App Store.”

Two days later, they were withdrawn. Musk Served with Apple Tim Cook, CEO, ended up changing his mind. After the meeting Musk It was claimed that there had been a “misunderstanding” About Twitter potentially being removed from the ‌App Store‌, and Cook “was clear that Apple never considered doing so.”

Musk Cook told him that Cook had taken him around. Apple Park and that Park were both a “good conversation,” This apparently led to Apple It is now resumed Twitter ads. Apple However, it has not confirmed that it has stopped advertising spending on TwitterIt has not said anything about it. MuskToday’s comments from. Follow the Twitter Space discussion, Musk Tweeted “thank advertisers for returning to Twitter.”

Apple It is always one of the most. TwitterAccording to reports, the top advertisers in the country are also amongst the most lucrative. $100 million annually.

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