Tesla CEO Elon Musk And a pair top aides to President Joe Biden On Friday, they met in Washington to Discuss the future of electric vehicles and electrification.

Musk Biden Did not meet, White House Karine Jean-Pierre, Press Secretary

The two haven’t had the smoothest of relationships, with BidenA big labor union supporter, I was disappointed. Musk’s refusal to Allow them to his factories.

White House aides John Podesta sat with Mitch Landrieu with the Tesla chief — who also owns Twitter and SpaceX — at Tesla’s office in downtown Washington to Talk about common goals in electrification.

They also discussed how climate legislation and infrastructure could be improved. Biden Last year’s law was signed to increase the number of electric cars and charger stations and help encourage people to use them. to Switch from gasoline-fueled to diesel to Electric-powered cars to Choose more electric appliances such as heat pumps or stoves. Tax credits and rebates are also available to Encourage this shift.

Landrieu supervises federal spending for infrastructure. This included financial assistance to the electric vehicle sector. Podesta is the president’s point man on spending on Biden’s climate and clean energy initiatives.

If the meeting signals a new stage in life, I was asked. White House Relations with MuskJean-Pierre stated it “says a lot” Learn more Biden Both pieces of legislation are important, says he.

“I think it’s important that his team, senior members of his team, had a meeting with Elon Musk,” Sie said.

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